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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Syracuse 20, Seton Hall 19, Open Game Thread Page II

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The exceptionally good: 

-Herb Pope's rebounding and defense.  With 10REB/3STL/2AST, Pope's play is a major reason why the Pirates are within a point at halftime.  

-Jeff Robinson camping in the paint.  He's looking to set up his mid-range game and has 8REB in the first half.  He stayed away from the perimeter all have, save one 3PT attempt, of course. 

The Good: 

-Fuquan Edwin, just 3-of-10 from the floor, but with a knack for scoring the ball, he's added 8PTS and hit two big FTs late in the first half. 

-Aaron Geramipoor has been thrown into the fire, burning his redshirt along the way.  He recorded his first REB of his Seton Hall career. 

The Bad: 

-23% shooting from the floor.  

The Ugly: 

-Pope's handle.  This is a player that dribbled coast-to-coast two or three times last season.  Now, he can't handle an entry pass.  He can't get a dribble down in the paint.  He's having difficulty chasing down and corralling balls (despite the 10REB).  Every time he's touching the ball is an adventure.  And he still isn't finishing strong he's 0-for-3 from the floor with 0PTS, but it's tough to get on him too much given his rebounding tonight.  

The exceptionally ugly: 

-Our PG tandem is a combined 0-for-8 from the floor.  

-We're 0-for-17 from beyond the arc.  That's not a typo.