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Seton Hall Basketball: A New Pirate?

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A New Pirate? Lookin' Good!
A New Pirate? Lookin' Good!

My apologies in advance to any of you who clicked on the link and thought it was recruiting-related.

Ok, so I ran across this picture on Facebook and did a double-take. Apparently, the team hasn't been the only ones working out this offseason. The Pirate (he doesn't have a name, which is a bit sad) is looking much more svelte and happy as well. I think he may have been running around with Coach Willard all summer- you're bound to lose a few pounds when you run that much, right? 

With the team in new-look mode, it appears it isn't just the roster that got overhauled. Welcome the New-Age Pirate Mascot to the SHU Family when you come to a game at the Rock this year!