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2013 PG Jaren Sina (GSB School, NJ) Reopens Recruitment

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Jaren Sina a 2013 point guard from Gill St. Bernard's School in Gladstone, NJ has reopened his commitment according to his father and coach.  Adam Finklestein of New England Recruiting Report first broke the news this afternoon via Twitter:


Sina was heavily recruited by assistant coach, Dan McHale and the Seton Hall staff this winter and the high school sophomore caught the staff (and fanbase) by surprise when he gave an early verbal commitment to Alabama on January 26th, 2011.  The commitment came just four days after Sina took in the Seton Hall/Rutgers game behind the Pirates bench. I initially thought Sina would land with one of the locals (SHU/SJU/RU) despite being targeted by schools all over the country. For what it's worth, half a year later, I thought the same about Kyle Anderson, but that's neither here nor there.  

So what's the decommitment mean for Seton Hall? After giving out six* scholarships to this year's incoming class, the Pirates are left with just one scholarship through the '14 season.  It goes without saying that the Pirates will be forced to tread carefully with their remaining 'ship, despite being involved with numerous targets in both the '12 and '13 classes.  That brings us to incoming freshman, Kevin Johnson.  The 6'10 big from Taft, CA still has not been granted eligibility and it's growing more unlikely by the day that we'll see him in a uniform this season.  If Johnson's scholarship is stripped, Seton Hall would suddenly have two to work with; allowing them to scoop a PF (currently involved with several) and a PG, could Sina be their guy?  

Since the Kyle Anderson back-up plans (Jevon Thomas and Kareem Canty) have taken their talents and academics elsewhere, where will Seton Hall land their PG of the future?  Currently, the starting PG in '12 is Freddie Wilson or Aaron Cosby, though that debate is too far away to discuss at the present.  Regardless of who starts, the reality remains - unless the Pirates bring in a JUCO PG, they'll likely have to ride it out with an option currently in-house next year.  Of course, would anyone be surprised if Kevin Willard went overseas and brought back another unknown?  I wouldn't be.  

Do the Pirates risk heading into 2012 without a better option than what's currently on the roster?  It could spell disaster. It could also be the only realistic way to secure a point guard of Sina's talents given the scholarship situation the staff has found itself in.  The disaster just mentioned would last a season.  Being unable to land a legitimate and talented (top 50!) PG for the next few seasons would be of much greater magnitude.  Now, Sina isn't an all-or-nothing 'eggs in the basket' situation ala Kyle Anderson (Carr or Ennis), but the decision is quite simple.  If Sina's willing to come, the Pirates need to take him.  A source close to the staff confirmed this evening that the Pirates will be, "all over," him.  They can't find themselves waiting around for Aquille Carr and Tyler Ennis once again (see KA), letting the more realistic option slip through their fingers.  It's time to bring one of the Jersey Boys home.