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Seton Hall Basketball: JP's 5 Thoughts- SHU 63, SPC 54

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Saint Peter's has a knack for giving the Seton Hall Pirates some frustrations on offense. Tonight was no different, as for the third straight year, St. Peter's gave the Pirates fits in terms of trying to score the ball. 

Here are the 5 thoughts from the 16th Seton Hall win in a row over the Peacocks in the 83rd edition of the rivalry:

- Herb-ology

No this is not a tribute to Harry Potter (although it could be if you want it to). But every game Herb Pope throws up a nice line with a bunch of rebounds, and every game he's a force inside. Therefore, every game he's part of the Thoughts. I always like to start out positive (unless there really are none on a given night), and Pope was certainly the most consistent Pirate on offense tonight, dropping another double-double with 16 PTS and 14 REB along with 2 AST and a STL on 7-15 shooting. As long as Herb keeps up the All-Big East pace, he'll be at least part of one of the Thoughts.

- Slowww Start

Now I should mention that I thought Saint Peter's was prepared to play tonight, coming out with their trademark good defense. But the Pirates also compounded things by starting off slow again. In fact, had they not found their three point stroke late in the half, the game may not have turned out the way it did. 

Now the Pirates were coming off Thanksgiving, and the interruption of routine that comes with it. The last full, normal practice this team had (thanks to Charleston and Yale) was likely before they shipped down to South Carolina. They also had a great run in Charleston before coming back to play Yale and St. Peter's. Not exactly Syracuse and Pitt in terms of games you should get up for.

Now the team gets back to a normal schedule of practice this week before taking on Auburn in the Big East-SEC Challenge. This is a prime time tip time of 9 PM on a Friday night (meaning the crowd should be good) against a Power-6 team. If they don't start better vs the Tigers, then we have an issue on our hands. But until then, chalk this up to a lack of recent continuity. We'll wait and see.

- Hustlin'

It seems to be how Patrik Auda is getting himself back in the flow of things after a sub-par tournament last weekend. Auda had another 12-point performance along with 6 REB and zero turnovers. Solid game from Patrik, and considering he was diving on the floor for loose balls tonight and getting involved, it was a little more than solid.

Not only was Auda hustling, but Aaron Geramipoor (which, as was confirmed tonight, is pronounced "JEREMY-poor") also hit the deck and showed some scrappiness which had been totally absent from his game. As a fan, you like to see hustle in all it's many forms, and the Pirates have some hustlers on the squad, guys who aren't afraid to stick their noses into the play and mix things up.

By the way, Fuquan Edwin had 5 more steals tonight. Every day he's hustlin'.

- Second Chances

The Pirates got about the same amount of them as SPC, but they definitely made the most of them. The Pirates outscored the Peacocks in this regard 21-12 (yep, the final margin). One of the few things that was working for Seton Hall early in the game when they looked like they had a little tryptophan left in their systems was the offensive rebounding, and while Pope was the main guy as usual in this category, Auda and Aaron Cosby also kept some possessions alive.

- The General's Report

Jordan Theodore's final line was solid again, with 13 PTS and 10 AST (which tied his career high) with 3 more steals added. But he struggled from the floor again, going 5-12 from the field, including 1-5 from deep. The issue with Theodore is not ability or drive (and you're finally seeing that drive translate into points and assists even when he doesn't shoot an efficient percentage). It's shot selection, and it wasn't the best tonight. Luckily, Theodore knows this (he knew he didn't play well, or so he tweeted). If he can take those questionable shots out of his game, he's one of the best point guards in the conference.