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Seton Hall Basketball: JP's Game Preview- NJIT

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Ok, let's be perfectly honest with ourselves- this should be an easy win for the Pirates.

But just in case you needed some more on the Highlanders, here it is!


2011-12 record: 3-4

All-time series record: 2-0

Last meeting: 12/19/10 (68-45 SHU)

The good news for NJIT is that they went 15-15 last season, and return almost all of the minutes from last year's squad.

The bad news is that they're still NJIT. When you talk about the Highlanders in Great West terms, they actually had the best defense in the league last season. That defense was harassing on the perimeter, and weirdly enough, was also helped out by a good amount of blocked shots.

Still, the Highlanders don't have the talent that the Pirates do, and it's not even close. Isaiah Wilkerson is the best player, averaging 15 PTS, 5 REB, and almost 2 STL, with pretty good percentages.

Seton Hall will win if:

- They match the NJIT intensity out of the gate. NJIT will probably come prepared for this game and play hard the entire time. If the Pirates come out the same way, this one will get real ugly real quickly for the Highlanders.

NJIT could win if:

- They force the Pirates into an off-night shooting. I can't see any way this isn't a win unless the Pirates build a new Brick City Bar & Grill with missed shots. Sorry, Jim Engles- your team may be good in your conference, but the one Big East team you played this year, you lost by 40.