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Seton Hall Basketball: Live Game Thread - NJIT Highlanders (3-4) @ Seton Hall Pirates (6-1) - 7:00PM (PSN)

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Game #6
Auburn Logo
Miami Heat main logo
(3-4) (6-1)
December 6th, 2011
Prudential Center, Newark, NJ
Pirate Sports Network
Probable Starters
Lamar Kearse PG Jordan Theodore
Arjun Ohri SG Aaron Cosby
Ryan Woods SF Fuquan Edwin
Isaiah Wilkerson PF Patrik Auda
Ryan Regis C Herb Pope
@SOrangeJuice, @JPGuerette, @robertmanganaro

Other than seeing the Pirates' reserves in extended minutes, I'm most looking forward to the showing of the Seton Hall students tonight. More specifically, it will be interesting to see the contrast of the student section tonight opposed to last Friday's victory against the Auburn Tigers. It's important that the students continue playing their part and that includes showing up for the snoozers as well. As always, Let's Go Hall!