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Seton Hall Basketball: Seton Hall Director of Athletics, Screen and Search Committee

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Patrick Hobbs, Dean of Seton Hall's School of Law in Newark, N.J. has been an integral part of the rebuilding of the athletics program.
Patrick Hobbs, Dean of Seton Hall's School of Law in Newark, N.J. has been an integral part of the rebuilding of the athletics program.

I spoke to Patrick Hobbs, Dean of the Seton Hall School of Law, this afternoon regarding the announcement of a screen and search committee for the new Athletic Director.

He spoke to me from West Virginia, where he is currently with the team, and seemed more than optimistic that the position would be filled in a little over a month. Dean Hobbs is one of the friendliest guys I have ever interviewed and is always excited about the future of our program which, understandably, is never a bad thing. We spoke about what he expects from a new Director of Athletics and the committee that was chosen to make the hire.

The committee is as follows:

Patrick Hobbs, Seton Hall School of Law

Jimmy O'Donnell, Senior Associate Director of Athletics

Karen Boroff, Stillman School of Business

Laura Schoppman, College of Arts & Sciences

Salvatore Petruzzi, Senior VP of Turner Broadcasting

More information regarding the committee itself as well as thoughts from Dean Hobbs, after the jump. 

The first thing that Dean Hobbs wanted to get across was that he was very excited about the search for a new AD, and why shouldn't he be? The school has done everything in its power to glue together the shattered glass left behind by the likes of Bobby Gonzalez and Joe Quinlan.

After the relatively smooth hiring of Kevin Willard and Anne Donovan, and even after a year marred by the deletion of Seton Hall's track and field program, the campus seemed to be buzzing with anticipation. Let's throw team records aside for the moment as we can at least take a deep breath knowing that our program is heading towards greener pastures. And we can say that, because literally anything would have been an upgrade over the previous regime.

Say what you will about Dean Hobbs, but the man is working incredibly hard to ensure that this university is in great hands and for that I believe he deserves recognition.

Here is a little background on each member of the screen and search committee:

Patrick Hobbs joined the faculty of Seton Hall Law School in 1990 and teaches in the area of taxation. He has taught Federal Income Taxation, Corporate Taxation and Business Planning, and Law and Literature. In 1995, he became the Associate Dean for Finance and in 1999, he became the Law School's seventh Dean, a position which he currently holds. He serves as the general overseer of athletics and has been a pivotal part of Seton Hall choosing a new President after Monsignor Sheeran stepped down; and has also been integral in the rebuilding of Seton Hall's athletic reputation and image over the past year, which includes hiring both the new men's and women's basketball coaches.

Jimmy O'Donnell, who was promoted to his current position of Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Team Operations in 2009, has been a part of the Seton Hall Athletics community for 22 years. He manages travel budgets, itineraries, hotel accommodations, and transportation for all of Seton Hall's 14 Division-I teams. O'Donnell is a key committee member due to how closely he works with all teams, most specifically the men's basketball team.

Karen Boroff has been at Seton Hall for close to 22 years as well and served as the Dean of Seton Hall's Stillman School of Business from 2000 to 2010. She currently serves on several boards, including the board of the New York Society of Security Analysts and Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society. Boroff also served on Seton Hall's Presidential Search and Screen Committee in 2009.

Laura Schoppman, who is currently employed by Seton Hall as the program adviser for Mathematics Education, is one of the direct links between athletics and education. She serves as the faculty athletic representative, working with Academic Support Services. According to the service's page on the Athletics website, they "help ensure that student-athletes successfully balance their commitments to academics and athletics."

Salvatore Petruzzi is a Seton Hall alumnus who currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Public Relations for Turner Broadcasting Systems. According to a press release from Time Warner, he joined Turner Broadcasting in 2003 from A&E Television, where he was director of public affairs and communications. Before that, Petruzzi was vice president and senior account executive at Dan Klores Associates, where his clients included ESPN, the NBA and Showtime Network.

Dean Hobbs told me he has received resumes from 20 potential candidates, including one person who already works in the Seton Hall Athletics Department (which doesn't rule out the possibility of promoting within). Of those 20 applicants he already has, the committee is set to try and narrow the candidates down to a few finalists by the beginning of the Big East tournament, which begins the first week of March.

Click here for my story on the search on The Setonian's website. It has a few direct quotes from Dean Hobbs on the situation. For now, we will have to wait and see what the future holds for the program.