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Seton Hall Basketball: Herb Pope to Return for Senior Season

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Tell me this isn't the best cure for the debacle tonight. Adam Zagoria reporting:

"I’m coming back, I’m coming back," he told after UConn beat Seton Hall, 61-59, for their 11th straight win over the Pirates.

"I gotta recover and come back and just have a whole year of being 100 percent.""I'm not even worried about the next level," Pope said. "I'm trying to graduate."

I'm wondering if this was an in-the-moment statement from Pope.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, but the timing is strange. If they pulled away from UConn when they had the chance, would he have made these comments immediately after the game? I'm not so sure. I love the passion and commitment from Pope and I'm just hoping he goes through with it, though I think we need to wait until the summer to have a better idea of what's going to happen.  Who's to say an offer of some Euro-money won't make him change his mind?