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Seton Hall Basketball: Jordan Theodore Faces Gun Charges

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Breaking news out of a New Jersey court today
says there was probable cause that Jordan Theodore was in possession of a handgun on campus following the February 15th game against Villanova. According to SNY, "the incident followed an alleged attack on Theodore's mother by a family member of former Seton Hall guard Keon Lawrence in the stands of the Prudential Center during the game."

Following the Nova game, I returned to campus to find several cop cars waiting outside of Xavier Hall, an upperclassmen dorm. After walking past the building I saw Shaheen Holloway and Grant Billmeier waiting in the building lobby, which was immediately a red flag that something was going down. I knew about the altercation between the parents at the game, however I wasn't aware that any weapons were involved nor did I know that this was being brought to a court.

I will update the story as more comes through, but for now it seems like everyone is keeping their lips sealed as Patt Hobbs, Matt Sweeney, and Jordan himself are not available for comment.