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Seton Hall: Okoloji Transfer Rumors Confirmed

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Until now, the rumors were just that, rumors. Unfortunately, they are now more than just whispers. Anali Okoloji, the 6'8 freshman from Brooklyn, tweeted twice today confirming what we had all been fearing:



It seems as though that Anali doesn't even know if he is going to leave South Orange. If he does, I wish him all of the best at his future school. If he doesn't, thats even better. By all accounts, Okoloji has been a very hard worker, a good kid and great in the classroom (3.6GPA!) We saw sneak peaks of these attributes in action in the few minutes he did play during his freshman campaign.

Okoloji would be the third transfer (Melvyn Oliver, Ferrakohn Hall) during Coach Willard's tenure in South Orange. Unlike Oliver, Okoloji would join Hall under the short list of players that have left The Hall on good terms.

If Anali does leave, this will be by far his shining moment in Pirate Blue: