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NCAA Tournament Day Six Open Thread - Picking the Sweet Sixteen Winners

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The Seton Hall Pirates play host to the #2 North Carolina Tarheels in tonight's sweet sixteen action.  Actually, that's not true. I meant to say, Seton Hall's arena, The Prudential Center hosts a pair of sweet sixteen contests tonights.  But the first way sounded better, didn't it?  Unfortunately, we're a LONG way away from that, I fear.  

After last night's successful 75% winning percentage picking games against the spread, I've decided to see how long I can stay hot and will finish the tourney out picking ATS, because simply, it's more fun that way.  And I'm interested to see how much money I could make if I was a degenerate gambler.  Let's play a little game with Monopoly money for the duration of the tournament.  Consider that I'm putting $100 (a fair, but not crazy amount for college basketball tournament action) on each game that I pick.  We're not accounting for "The Juice," which is a percentage a Sports Book takes on a winning bet, because it's lame and it's really only $4 and some change on a $100 bet, ATS.  It's simple, if I win a game, my bankroll increases by $100 and if I lose a pick, the opposite.  So after going 3-1 last night in four bets, I'm sitting with $200 in my bankroll.  Got it? Ok, onto tonight's picks.  

#11 Marquette vs. #2 UNC - 7:15PM, CBS
East Region - Newark, NJ
The Favorite: UNC (-4)

Word broke earlier this afternoon that Marquette was prepared to offer head coach, Buzz Williams a 10-year deal to stay with the Golden Eagles, I love it and I hope he chooses to stay if the money is right.  If he does, he'll join the "super-tenured" fraternity of BIG EAST coaches who have stayed with their school for 10+ years in Boeheim, Calhoun and Brey. Of course, Pitino and Wright will be there next year.  And other coaches are in line to hit 10 if they don't leave or are fired before Buzz, but this is all besides the point.  Buzz is a cool dude and we cherish cool dude coaches in the BIG EAST for long periods of time.  Speaking of things that are besides the point is this subject and what it means in tonight's game against Roy Williams' Tar Heels, which is very little.  I'm afraid the Golden Eagles run is up tonight, leaving the Huskies as the sole BIG EAST team left in the Elite 8 this weekend.  4 points?  Maybe if that were the halftime spread, Tar Heels roll tonight.  

Prediction: UNC -4 

Follow the jump as I attempt to go 7-1 ATS over the course of the Sweet Sixteen.  Daunting task? Yes.  Possible? I think so. 

#12 Richmond vs. #1 Kansas - 7:27PM, TBS
Southwest Region - San Antonio, TX
The Favorite: Kansas (-10.5)

Like Marquette's run, all good things must come to an end and the sweet sixteen is what separates the men from the boys, unless you're George Mason in 2006.  I just don't see Richmond staying close with the Jayhawks tonight, I'm not even afraid of the double digit spread this late into tournament play.  

Prediction: Kansas -10.5 

#4 Kentucky vs. #1 Ohio St. - 9:45PM, CBS
East Region - Newark, NJ
The Favorite: Ohio St. (-6.5) 

This is where the action gets REALLY good -- this contest WILL BE the most exciting basketball of the night.  The showdown of two kids who will be studs at the next level in Brandon Knight and Jared Sullinger.  Calipari vs. Matta.  Two hard-nosed, tough, defenses.  Ultimately, I've got this game coming down to the wire and as long as it doesn't go to overtime (cough, cough, thanks BYU/FLA), I like the 'Cats with the points. 

Prediction: Kentucky +6

#10 Florida St. vs. #11 VCU - 9:57PM, TBS
Southwest Region - San Antonio, TX
The Favorite: Florida St. (-4)  

So all good things don't have to come to an end after all.  At least one double digit seed will advance to the Elite 8 and find themselves one win away from finalizing an epic trip to Houston.  FSU will try to bottle up Boo Boo Rodriguez, but the kid has ice water in his veins as evidenced by his 12PTS/11AST/0TO slaying of Purdue last weekend.  A PG to record a double-double with Zero turnovers just doesn't happen on this stage, ever.  FSU has led the nation in FG% the past two seasons and Chris Singleton is back and looking healthy, but I'm riding the wave and the feel good story of the Virginia Commonwealth Rams.  

Prediction: VCU (+4) 

Enjoy the four games on the lineup tonight and as we've already established the 'all good things must end schtick,' sadly, tonight marks the end of 3+ games per day for the entire year!  So sad.   

Entering tonight's action...