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Seton Hall Basketball: Lekan Ajayi eliminates Seton Hall

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6'11 Lekan Ajayi is a physical specimen.
6'11 Lekan Ajayi is a physical specimen.

Just three months ago, 6'11 Lekan Ajayi (Quality Education) listed Seton Hall as his favorite. Today, he told Adam Zagoria that he has trimmed his list to Oklahoma State, Tennessee and Wake Forest. 

Most Seton Hall fans are probably ready to jump ship, but not so fast. Lekan Ajayi, by my accounts, was near the bottom of Seton Hall's list of players they want. Although Ajayi brings great size and potential, by no accounts is he ready to contribute immediately. It makes complete sense for Ajayi to pursue other schools if Seton Hall was putting him on hold while they wait for Brandon Mobley to make a decision and await news on the academic statuses of other targets.

The coaching staff is continuing their recruitment of big men Kevin JohnsonRyan RhoomesBrandon Mobley, and Montray Clemons. It seems as though Keith Coleman and Junior Fortunat are last resorts. The staff is also pursuing transfer opportunities.


- Brandon Mobley enjoyed his visit to DePaul this past weekend and will make a decision on April 19th. He will probably decide upon a school before then and the leaking of news is possible.

- JUCO target Dylan Talley committed to Nebraska Monday night. Seton Hall was a very long shot to land the swing, but the coaching staff did offer Talley.

Ryan Rhoomes of NIA Prep (Newark, NJ) trimmed his list recently to TCU, Providence, Seton Hall and Oklahoma State, who have recently entered the picture. The bad news is that Rhoomes has expressed a desire to go to college away from home, which would eliminate Seton Hall from consideration.

- A bunch of Seton Hall fans perked up when word spread that Seton Hall was listed on Otto Porter's ESPN page. However, after the recent update of the ESPNU Top100 list, Seton Hall was removed and Otto Porter committed to Georgetown after his visit this past weekend.