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Seton Hall Basketball: Kevin Johnson in action

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Until now, I wasn't able to find any footage of Kevin Johnson. Special thanks to Stevie_H of the Rivals Message board for finding these videos.

Kevin Johnsin wears #34. I wasn't able to directly import the video from Maxpreps, so it looks a little off centered as a result - apologize in advance.

Quick clip & interview:

Some game action:

Image for MaxPreps Video.

An interview from last winter:

Summary: While the footage is very limited, its refreshing to see just how much of the paint Johnson will clog. He won't be one of those forwards that say they can step out and make a three and that they like playing the 4. Johnson will take 95% of his shots from within a few feet of the basket. While this can be seen as a negative (no mid-range game), this is exactly what the Pirates need - a true center.

Kevin Johnson's relatively low scoring average (11.3PPG) should not be a concern. Johnson averaged 2PPG less than the leading scorer on Taft this past season. Additionally, Taft had other scoring options in Spencer Dinwiddie (Colorado) and C.J. Blackwell, who has offers from Auburn, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Wichita State and Wisconsin.

Kevin Johnson scored a season high 26 points and grabbed 13 boards this season against a very talented Mount Vernon (NY) team.

Qualification update:

I tweeted this earlier in the week but for those that missed it: Johnson will take summer classes (not sure if they are on campus yet) and will get help from an SAT tutor (not sure when he is taking them). We'll probably hear a definitive word on his status sometime this summer. Either way, I cannot blame the staff for taking a risk on the best available center prospect in the country.


Complete stats from MaxPreps.

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