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Seton Hall Basketball: Ralph Willard to Leave Louisville, to Join SHU Staff in Future?

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Kevin Willard's father is stepping down as director of basketball operations at the University of Louisville, but insists he isn't retiring from the game.

From Jennifer Tolland:

Willard also said having his son Kevin, the Seton Hall coach, in the same conference, the Big East, "changed the dynamic" for him.

"It was difficult being on the opposite bench," Willard said.

One has to wonder: between leaving UL, his intent to remain around the game in some capacity and the comment about the dynamic changing coaching against his son, will Ralph will end up on the Pirates staff in the near future?  In Tolland's article, Willard mentions he wants to take one year off, but could he possibly join his son's coaching staff the year after?  

I have a request out to Coach Kevin Willard to comment on the possibility of his father joining his staff and am awaiting a response.