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Seton Hall Basketball: Kareem Canty Has a Top Four; Not Three, Pirates Included

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On Friday, we learned that Kareem Canty had decided on his "final three," and in doing so, eliminated the Pirates from the running.

On Sunday, Adam Zagoria and Alex Kline confirmed North Star BBall's report. Darkness and despair began to set in throughout much of the Pirate faithful (your editor, included).

Tonight, Zach Braziller of the NY Post disputes the prior reports citing a conversation with Canty, himself.

What to take from all of this? It's hard to say, the kid himself is probably the only person who legitimately knows at this point.  Supposedly, Canty confirmed both reports via phone. Was Seton Hall eliminated and Willard and the staff talked their way back in? That's fair game and would end up being mighty impressive. The merry-go-round that is college basketball recruiting is in full speed. Hop on the horse and buckle up.