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Seton Hall Basketball: JSBL - Asbury Park Rec 85, Seaview Jeep 84

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To no one's surprise, Fuquan Edwin was the best player on the floor tonight in Sea View Jeep's JSBL opener.  He dropped 14 of his 27 in the 4th quarter.
To no one's surprise, Fuquan Edwin was the best player on the floor tonight in Sea View Jeep's JSBL opener. He dropped 14 of his 27 in the 4th quarter.

Seaview Jeep (the Seton Hall contingent of the Jersey Shore Basketball League), dropped their opener to Asbury Park Rec tonight, by a score of 85-84.  Joshua Newman of the APP provided terrific real-time updates throughout, he's a must follow for those interested in following the league.  Some notable tweets of his are provided below in chronological order: 

@Joshua_Newman: Everyone has shown a little something so far. Edwin has been the best player on the floor on both ends.

@Joshua_Newman: Sean Grennan: Makings of a fine quarterbacking pg if he can adjust to the Big East. Brandon Mobley: Be very optimistic.

@Joshua_Newman: Fuquan Edwin has looked very good, as has Brandon Mobley. Matt McMullen (CBA, Colgate-bound) has been very solid defensively.

@Joshua_Newman: At the half, Seaview Jeep up 32-31. Edwin with a late surge of offense to get to 13 points. Leads all scorers.

@Joshua_Newman: Sean Grennan appears content to keep pulling treys until he hits one....He hasn't yet. 0-for-7 by my count.

Editor's Note: Hmm... Sounds quite similar to our friend, Jeff Robinson.  How many times have we used the words, "appears content" in regards to his shot selection last season? 

@Joshua_Newman: Wow, Grennan just finally hit one from the top of the key and got sarcastic cheers from the fans. That qualifies as a rough night.

@Joshua_Newman: Just when Edwin got that look in his eye like he was going to take this thing over, he goes to the bench with five fouls.

@Joshua_Newman: Edwin has 14 of his 27 here in the fourth quarter, Seaview down by 1 with 17 seconds to play. Kid has been fantastic here late on both ends.

@Joshua_Newman: Thanks for joining us, Taquan Dean. He has the last 7 for AP Rec, which leads 85-82 with 12.5 seconds to go. Seaview will inbound.

@Joshua_Newman: 5.5 to go, Seaview will inbound after AP Rec missed two freebies. 85-82.

@Joshua_Newman: Edwin triple was off, meaningless follow as a result, AP Rec takes it 85-84. Entertaining game down the stretch.

-Fuquan Edwin lit it up from the floor and made 8-of-12 of his FT attempts, good for a game-high, 30PTs.  

-Aaron Geramipoor pulled down 13REB and added 7PTS.

-Incoming freshman Sean Grennan saw time at the point and channeled his inner Jeff Robinson by hoisting and missing seven consecutive 3-point attempts.  He kept shooting away and actually ended up hitting three attempts to finish with 10 points.  The other freshman on the roster, Brandon Mobley had three buckets, but only went 1-of-5 from the line, a percentage that will surely need to improve.  

-Grennan and Edwin tallied 4AST a piece.  

Be sure to check out Joshua's piece for the APP, here:

With leading scorers Jeremy Hazell and Jeff Robinson gone and with Herb Pope and Jordan Theodore as the only seniors on the roster, Edwin will almost certainly be asked to play more of a leading role. Based on his effort on Monday, that appears to be just fine with him.

"I've been trying to be more selective with my shot and just trying to get my team involved more," Edwin said. "There's just more of a comfort level in all areas, especially with Coach Willard. That's the important thing, I know where I stand with him."

Excellent coverage by Josh, we'll keep our twitter feeds locked with his continuing coverage of the JSBL.  SVJ will next play Wednesday night against Larson Ford.