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Seton Hall Basketball: Pirates Offer '12 PG Madison Jones (6'1, Ravenscroft, NC)

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Originally reported by Joe Davis of Scouts Focus, Seton Hall has offered '12 PG, Madison Jones of Ravenscroft (NC).

As I mentioned on Twitter earlier tonight, I believe the offer to Jones is a pretty clear indication that the staff has either moved on from the Kareem Canty chase or they're frankly not confident with his impending decision. With the Kyle Anderson decision officially coming on September 20th, the staff is fully prepared to bring another PG onboard next season should Anderson chose elsewhere.  Of course, Anderson PLUS Canty OR Jones would sit just fine with Seton Hall as well.

From Madison Jones' ESPN Recruiting Page

Madison is a skilled scoring point guard. He is thin and long limbed. He is a good slasher that uses his ball handling ability and length to get into the lane and finish. Madison is a good shooter with range to 20 feet. His jump shooting ability allows him to move over and be effective as a shooting guard.