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Seton Hall Basketball: JP's Summer League Journal, Part 2 (T&T Coast- 122; Seaview Jeep- 115)

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This was a vastly better game than the first one I attended last week and T&T Coast is a much better team that featured forward Ryan Rossiter, the reigning MAAC Player of the Year from Siena, as well as talented lead guard and former Monsignor Donovan player Randall Stallworth. Aaron Geramipoor and Brandon Mobley were both unavailable tonight, so Seaview Jeep was undersized against Coast, who had the clear edge up front.

Ultimately, the team came up short, but it wasn't for a lack of effort. Here's  what the Pirates did with some analysis from a hard fought game at St. Rose High School in Belmar:

Fuquan Edwin (30 PTS, 11 REB, 2 STL)

Once again, Edwin was far and away the most athletic player on the floor and he needed to be for the undersized Jeepers. Edwin was guarding almost every player for T&T Coast at least once and was stellar on that end to go along with his dynamite offensive game tonight. It seemed he was grabbing all the boards and he just plain led his team. His primary defensive assignment was Ryan Rossiter and while Rossiter got his (29 PTS), he didn't get many of them off Edwin. There was a stretch in the 3rd quarter where it was literally All-Edwin on both ends and it was a sight to see. Unfortunately, he fouled out of the (at the time) 1-point game with about a minute and a half remaining and team sorely missed his length.

From what I've seen out of him, he looks ready and willing to step into a bigger offensive role for Seton Hall this coming season.

Sean Grennan (9 PTS, 2 3pt FG made)

Grennan looked more focused tonight than he did last week and he seems to be gaining confidence and focus as the summer league wears on, which is a good sign. He hit two threes tonight, both from college range (unofficial, but he was at least a foot behind the line both times), one of which was heavily contested in the corner off a swing pass. He also caught a pass under the basket and finished reverse-style through contact (we know he loves that reverse layup) for his final points of the night. His defense was never really challenged, but he seemed more prepared tonight. There were a lot of kids wearing MonDon stuff, so it could be that he played in front of his friends/former teammates, which always helps a player's confidence and attitude.

Aaron Cosby (22 PTS, 5 3pt FG made)

Unlike his last game, when he went berserk in the second half, this time it was the first half where Cosby did his damage. By my count he either knocked down 4 or all 5 of his threes in the first half. Cosby has a great build, with good size in his upper body and arms. And let me tell you- he's got some stroke from range. A number of his threes snapped nothing but net and he showed a willingness to pull up from quite literally anywhere. He also is an unselfish player- when he wasn't knocking down threes, he was looking to set up teammates. He's not the slasher that Edwin is, so I doubt that he'll drive the ball consistently for points, but he did compete when he got into the paint, most notably on one sequence where he dot a rebound under the basket and went up and finished strong.

Cosby will have a very nice college career as a combo guard. He can clearly score, but he doesn't look for his own shot first, last and always like, say, Jeremy Hazell did his first 3 years at Seton Hall. It will not surprise me to see him play backup point behind Jordan Theodore or start alongside JT in the backcourt. I was impressed with what I saw and everything that's been posted about him here on South Orange Juice is 100% accurate.

The game before featured Ned Steven's Gutter Cleaning, AKA Rutgers South, who the Jeepers play on Thursday. NSGC features Myles Mack (who is the REAL DEAL, people), Jerome Seagears, Eli Carter (who single-handedly won the game with his scoring over everyone Larson Ford had to throw at him), Derrick Randall, Malick Kone (pronounced MaLEEK KoNAY), Austin Carroll, Austin Johnson, Greg Lewis, and Wally Judge (whose athleticism and physical tools make it mind-boggling that he hasn't dominated in college).

That game will be the Mini Battle of the Garden State and it should be great. I hope Aaron Geramipoor is back in action because the Jeepers will need his size against the freakish Judge, the strong Johnson and Randall and the long Lewis. Chris and I will be there and we will have a post up the following morning. Only here on South Orange Juice!