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Seton Hall Basketball: JP's Summer League Journal, Part 3 (Seaview Jeep- 109; Ned Stevens' Gutter Cleaning- 91)

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It was standing-room-only on Thursday night at St. Rose High School for the highly-anticipated matchup between Seaview Jeep (Seton Hall) and Ned Stevens' Gutter Cleaning (Rutgers). And yours truly was courtside for all the action. An up-and-down game for the first three quarters score-wise, Seaview Jeep took over in the 4th by knocking down three after three after three, many of them in transition which neutralized NSGC's height advantage.

Here's the report on the Pirates:

- Kyle McAlarney (35 PTS, 9 3PM)

Ok, so he isn't a Pirate, but McAlarney has to be mentioned first since he absolutely shot "Rutgers South" out of the gym with his long-range bombing (and I do mean LONG range). McAlarney had the type of game you dream about as a shooter, and all the Seton Hall fans in attendance cheered wildly after each basket. We were all in agreement on one thing- "Thank God He Isn't Doing That For Notre Dame Anymore." But McAlarney, along with Aaron Cosby and Fuquan Edwin, won the game for the Jeepers.

- Fuquan Edwin (21 PTS)

Edwin, for once, was not the most athletic player on the floor (he was second behind NSGC's Wally Judge). But Edwin, after suffering through foul trouble in the first half, was a constant presence in the second half. He actually played much of the second quarter after picking up his 3rd foul, and he was phenomenal on the defensive end by doing literally all he could to to compete inside without fouling, a good sign indeed.

In the second half, Edwin continued the defensive play and also was a consistent threat on offense, leading to most of his 21 PTS. Edwin and his length are very important to have on the floor for Seaview Jeep, and he played through foul trouble mostly because he had to in this game against a team as big as NSGC. But that shouldn't diminish the fact that he did it admirably.

- Aaron Cosby (20 PTS, 7 AST, 5 3PM)

Cosby was impressive tonight. He was knocking down threes as well, and he contributed to Seaview's big 4th quarter. As per the box score, he also continued to look for his teammates, garnering 7 assists. Cosby was guarding Rutgers' Myles Mack for a period of time in the game, and was not phased by the All-American (who was shut down tonight- just 3 PTS on a driving layup plus a foul which really should have been an offensive foul on Mack). He was very, very good tonight, and he seems to realize that he doesn't have to take 30 shots to score and be effective. He's been very good with his shot selection in the last two games, and his threes were rarely wide-open.

- Sean Grennan (0 PTS)

Grennan for some reason did not play much tonight. It could have been the coach wanting a physically stronger backcourt against the likes of Mack, Jerome Seagears and Eli Carter. It could have been something else. But I would have liked to see more of Grennan against the guys who he's going to be going up against this coming season and in the future just to see how he stacks up. Can't give him a bad or good grade tonight because he didn't play enough to warrant either. Two things he did do were miss a fairly good look from the corner and move his feet to stay in front of Seagears on a baseline drive. That's pretty much it.

The game itself didn't entirely live up to the hype. There were not many instances where the Pirates went right at the Rutgers guys. But former St. Peter's guard Brandon Hall locked down on Mack, and the team in general was very alert on the defensive end. There was nothing easy for the Rutgers guys, and that was in large part because of Hall, Edwin and Cosby. They held their own against the bigger NGSC team, and that's a success in my book.

I won't be able to go to another game at the JSBL until the playoffs (which begin in early August), so follow South Orange Juice for all the stats in the next couple weeks!