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UPDATE: Seton Hall Basketball: Brandon Mobley Has Not Had Surgery on Injured Shoulder; Return TBD

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Update 8:15PM: I've received word from a source close to the team that there "has been no surgery," and the decision has not been made yet.  

Original Post: Brandon Mobley has had surgery on the dislocated shoulder he suffered on July 5th during JSBL play. Joshua Newman of the Asbury Park Press confirmed Mobley went under the knife from assistant coach for Seaview Jeep, Steve Schmelz. 

Initially, the injury was not thought to be serious as Mobley appeared to have full range of motion in his shoulder following the game.  At this time there is no word on when he'll return to basketball activities, although it wouldn't be unusual to see him miss 3-4 months following the operation.  Obviously it's a tough break for Brandon Mobley and Seton Hall, but of course, it's the risk that comes along with the potential benefits of playing organized summer basketball.  Get well, Brandon.