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Kyle Anderson Chooses UCLA over Seton Hall

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In a disappointing turn of events for Seton Hall fans, prized recruiting target Kyle Anderson of St. Anthony HS (NJ) chose the UCLA Bruins over Seton Hall late tonight.

According to multiple sources, Seton Hall had led for the 6'8'' point guard until this past weekend. In a late surge that quite possibly could have been set in motion by the crumbling of the Big East on Saturday and Sunday, UCLA became the unanimous favorite for Anderson's services as early as Sunday night. Anderson would have been the highest rated recruit to come to South Orange since Eddie Griffin in 2000.

This is as crushing as it gets on the recruiting trails. A school that is in the driver's seat for a recruit that is way out of their league gets blindsided by something completely out of their realm of control. Before mistaking this scapegoating for homerism, I am still in disbelief as to how Seton Hall weathered the storm of inferiority for this long. However, when many sources were hearing something other than UCLA before The Collapse...

Lets be honest people. Florida, UCLA, Georgetown and St. John's are some heavyweight fighters that Kevin Willard and Shaheen Holloway went toe to toe with. Despite getting knocked out in the twelfth round, the staff fought valiantly, and for that, they should be commended.

According to many sources, Georgetown then St. John's then Florida were eliminated in the weeks, days and hours leading up to Anderson's decision.

Whats next for Seton Hall? In foresight, the staff has already corralled a handful of talented 2012 recruits that will now be seriously targeted as a candidate for Seton Hall's 13th scholarship. In the front court, Seton Hall had an in-home visit with power forward Christopher Obekpa of Our Savior New American (NY) on Sunday night and has an in-home setup with forward Daniel Dingle of St. Raymond's (NY) on Thursday. In the back court, point guards Jevon Thomas and Kareem Canty plan on taking officials to South Orange this month but official dates have not yet been released (I had heard from a source that Canty plans on visiting on Thursday.)

Disclaimer - I know I probably don't have to ask this but at the very least please refrain from giving Kyle any crap on Twitter or any other medium. Kyle and his family have handled his recruitment with absolute class. I encourage everyone to wish Kyle the best of luck at UCLA and beyond. Additionally, it would be terrific if everyone showed the utmost support for Kevin Willard and the rest of the staff. They have spent countless hours of their life hounding Anderson -- they don't deserve to be berated but applauded, as they are infinitely more disappointed than us fans.