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Seton Hall Basketball: 5 Q's With Former Pirate, Andre Barrett

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Andre Barrett
Andre Barrett

Welcome to the first installment of, '5 Q's With (a) Former Pirate,' where South Orange Juice will periodically check-in with former Pirates, for recent updates on where they've been and where they're headed since leaving Seton Hall. Today, we caught up with former starting point guard (00-04), Andre Barrett.  

Why did I choose Andre Barrett as the subject for our first 5 Q's?  There's a bit of a personal background that I'm about to bore you with - like it or not. I started my freshman year at Seton Hall in 2003-04 leaving Connecticut and stepping into the great state of New Jersey for the first time. Despite growing up a Rick Pitino and Kentucky Wildcats "fan," to spite my family, the majority of my basketball knowledge was derived from watching and hearing about, the Connecticut Huskies.

The summer before I arrived on campus, I purchased season's tickets at the phenomanol rate of something rather ridiculous, at or around $80, give or take.  Why not, I loved the sport and was excited to be attending a Big East school, one with a basketball program of it's own.  Attending the games would allow myself to shed my Wildcats "fandom," while also disbanding the assumption that I lived and died with each Huskies dribble solely because I lived in the Constitution State.  

It didn't take many games watching Barrett play before I believed in the Seton Hall program.  His quickness, court-vision and toughness had me hooked. His inspirational play is a large reason why I've been running this website since 2009, doing what I can to give back to my alma mater in an attempt to shine as much light as I can on her basketball program. Without further ado, here is the transcript of our 5 Q's with Former Pirate, Andre Barrett.  

Q: You were involved in one of the more exciting basketball moments of the summer, teaming with Kevin Durant, feeding him throughout the night and dropping 30PTs of your own, including the game winner, at Baruch College. Do you feel your performance helped re-open some eyes regarding your ability to play in the league?

Andre Barrett: It was a fun game to be apart of and I was happy to showcase my skills with so many good players. Summer is always a time to get better and have fun playing with some friends you grew up with, playing with and against you. I think I have always shown that I can play in the league, it's just a matter of being in the right situation.

Follow the jump for Barrett's thoughts on playing overseas during the lockout, the state of the Seton Hall program, coaching in his future and more.  

Q: In July you signed with Chorale Roanne in France after playing with the Idaho Stampede of the NBA D-League. How many years is the contract? Although the D-League season won't be affected, did the lockout steer you towards Europe or did you just feel that Chorale Roanne is currently the best situation for you?

AB: I signed for one year and the lockout kind of had an effect on my decision to go to Europe. I was just looking for the best possible situation of where I could play this year.

Q: What's your take on the current state of the Seton Hall program? The Pirates haven't made the tournament since 2006 and after a tumultous four year tenure with Bobby Gonzalez, Kevin Willard was brought in to instill a new culture in South Orange. Do you think Willard and company will take care of business on the recruiting trail and subsequently, on the court?

AB: I think Seton Hall went through ups and downs but they are building and getting better. Kevin Willard and his coaching staff will definitely do the right thing by getting the recruits they need in order to compete in the Big East and at a high level.

Q) Speaking of the staff, Willard has two former Pirates (Billmeier & Holloway) on board, do you have any plans of coaching upon your retirement? 

AB: I think in the future coaching might be something I would look into because I love basketball.

Q) This summer you opened your basketball camp, what can kids expect to learn/improve on during the week? Do any past/present Pirates take part? Will there be another one next summer? If so, how can our readers go about getting their kids signed up?

AB: This summer was the first annual Andre Barrett Skills Academy in the Bronx, New York where I am from. The kids got a chance to develop their overall fundamentals of the game from passing, to shooting, to dribbling and their defense. They also got a chance to be lectured by former Uconn and Detroit Piston, Ben Gordon and by former Cincinnati Bearcat and former Denver Nugget, Kenny Satterfield.

I plan on having two weeks next summer one in New York and the other in New Jersey hopefully at Seton Hall. I will have plenty NBA and WNBA players [on board] and hopefully some past and present Seton Hall players, so it should be a good camp. Readers can go about signing up on my website that is currently under construction and they can also follow me on twitter @Dreday3gs for more details.

On behalf of South Orange Juice, I'd like to thank Andre Barrett for taking the time to answer a couple questions for us and our readers.  We will link to Andre's website when it's ready and will have a post up for the second annual Andre Barrett Skills Academy next summer.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter and if you've got questions of your own, give him a shout!