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Seton Hall Basketball: 5Q's with SBNation's USF Voodo Five

Over at our USF counterpart, Voodo Five, Ken DeCelles took the time to answer five questions we had regarding the Bulls in anticipation of the SHU / USF contest this evening. Additionally, you'll find my responses to his questions on their page, so please go check them out. Without further ado, here are the questions we asked, along with Ken's responses:

Q: USF doesn't have a high powered offense, how will they attempt to slow down Seton Hall to keep this one close?

VF: USF will slow the game down and keep the game under 60 possessions. The Bulls don't mind playing ugly, and would prefer if Seton Hall would join them in milking 30 seconds off the shot clock in each possession.

Q: The Bulls have won all of their home games, with the exception being UConn by 3 points. What makes the Times Forum a difficult venue for opponents to get the W?

VF: I couldn't really tell you. Its probably a combination of long travel, the tough USF defense, and how do I put this, the less than enthusiastic crowds at the Forum this year. Add those three things together and most opponents don't come out guns blazing from the opening tip.

Q: Who is the leader on the hardwood for the Bulls?

VF: While he doesn't start, I think its Ron Anderson Jr. He's emerged as the vocal leader of the team, and backs up his words on the court. He's by far our best defender in the post, and has become a monster on the offensive glass. He does all the little things you ask from, and has quickly become my favorite person on the roster. He's going to be the toughest player to replace next year by a large margin.

Q: USF has 10 players seeing 15+ minutes, which may present the Bulls with an advantage over the Pirates who don't use much of their bench. Are they getting contributions from all of them, or is Stan Heath still trying to tighten up his rotation moving forward?

VF: Well its down to nine now after LaVonte Dority's transfer as the end of the semester. With Dority's transfer, you're starting to see the shooting guard rotation tighten up. Blake Nash was forced to move back to the point to be the sole backup to Anthony Collins, and his minutes have been cut significantly since LaVonte left. Even though Shaun Noriega starts at the two, Jawana Poland takes the majority of the minutes, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Poland get the start here in the new future. Hugh Robertson will also get minutes instead of Shaun at the 2 when Victor Rudd moves in at the 3.

Q: Your prediction for the game?

VF: While it'll be close, I think Edwin will be the difference. SHU wins 65-59.

Thanks for a few minutes, Ken! Looking forward to this one. Good luck tonight!