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Seton Hall Basketball: BREAKING: 2013 PG Aquille Carr (Patterson HS, MD) Commits to Seton Hall University

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Well, well, well- ain't THIS something?!

According to several sources around the Twitterverse, including his prep coach and the little man himself (@CantGuard3), 2013 point guard Aquille Carr (Baltimore, MD; Patterson HS) has committed to Coach Willard and Seton Hall.

The diminutive Carr is a member of the ESPNU Super-60 and the 26th ranked recruit in the class of 2013 according to Rivals. Standing just 5'7", Carr is "one of the quickest and most explosive players in the country, regardless of class," according to the ESPN recruiting profile on him. He is great in the open floor, with playmaking instincts and great ballhandling skills. His size and quick hands and feet allow him to force turnovers from bigger players just by getting under them.

Under "weaknesses," the profile says that Carr is a "constant showman" who can try to do a little too much with the ball, but Carr is a player that defies his size and is quite the player because of it.

What this means: Well, first of all, Seton Hall has appeared to have finally found their point guard of the future, after a long search that included the Kyle Anderson saga. This is a huge 'get' for Coach Willard and the staff, as they have nabbed a player that is sure to be in the ESPN-100 next season (he's only a junior right now, so being part of the Super-60 would lead to the Top-100 when he becomes a senior). And Carr is a player that Pirate fans will love to watch play in Blue and White.

There's no doubt now that Seton Hall is on it's way back as a program. They now have a legitimate future recruit to go along with the current group of solid players and a culture that fans can be proud of.

Welcome Aquille Carr to the Seton Hall family! GO PIRATES!