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Seton Hall Basketball: Pirates Receive #24 ranking in the AP Poll

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According to sources, Seton Hall is ranked 24th in the country by the Associated Press, the first time the Pirates have been ranked since January 29th, 2001.

This is cause for celebration among the Pirate faithful. A return to the Top-25 is just the latest signal of how far this program has come in just a short time under Kevin Willard, and how much hard work and leadership really do pay off. We can only hope here at South Orange Juice that the level of play continues as the season rolls along

But what of the other poll? Well, that's going to be the bone of major contention with the fanbase this week.

Inexplicably, the Pirates are not ranked in the ESPN/USAToday Coaches' Poll, receiving just 38 points in that poll for a ranking of 28th overall.

Initial reactions were ones of utter shock. Seton Hall seems to have all the ingredients for being ranked- a strong overall record (14-2), great wins (UConn, West Virginia, Dayton, VCU, St. Joe's), no bad losses, and an RPI ranking of 3rd in the nation. Yet the coaches saw fit to not rank the Pirates this week.

Here's my question: ARE THEY NUTS?! There is no way that Seton Hall should not be ranked. What they have done so far this season is absolutely worthy without question. The exclusion of the Pirates was universally talked down on Twitter by pretty much every writer that this guy follows (and believe me, I follow a lot of writers), an indication that this is not just someone looking through the proverbial blue and white glasses.

Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on the negative too much, nor am I going to say that the Pirates' ranking isn't where it should be in the AP Poll. The school motto is, after all, "Hazard Zet Forward." I guess it will take some more overcoming of the Hazards to advance Forward in the eyes of certain pollsters.

Welcome back to the party, Pirates! You have earned this. Even if some people with a vote in their hands don't think so.