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Garland Owens Down to Two Schools, Visiting Seton Hall Friday

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Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Garland Owens (Massanutten Military Academy, Va.) had received little high-major interest before his final campaign on the AAU circuit for Mid-Atlantic Select over the summer. This Sunday, the 6'5'' forward will make his collegiate decision between Seton Hall and Boston College. His looming decision was first reported by, who noted Owens was still considering UTEP, however, hours earlier, the player tweeted that only Seton Hall and Boston College remained. Before his decision day, Owens will take an official visit to Seton Hall starting on Friday (official visits may last for 48 hours). Owens took an official visit to Boston College this past weekend and will not visit UTEP before deciding.

Owens' stock started to swell after his impressive showings at the Reebok Headliner Tryout and the Hoop Group Jam Fests in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh this summer. Garland has since received his first high/mid-major offers from the three schools that he will decide between this weekend -- Nebraska and Miami (Fla.) also reached out. Beyond his final three schools, Owens has received offers from Drexel, Delaware, New Hampshire, N.J.I.T., and Hartford. Garland has always been described as extremely athletic, reinforced by his football career at Magruder (Md.) before opting for a post-graduate year at Massanutten. As described by high school scouts, Garland's skill-set lacked a refined half-court game and outside shot, both of which he has developed and put on display this summer.

The destination of Garland Owens looks to hinge upon the decision of 2013 forward Austin Colbert (Gill St. Bernard's, N.J.), who is expected to decide between Seton Hall, Illinois and Miami (Fla.) this week. While the two players don't inhabit the same position, they are the only two forwards left on the coaching staff's radar for the Class of 2013. If Colbert passes on Seton Hall for Illinois or Miami (most likely destination) then Owens might become Seton Hall's lone commit in the Class of 2013 with Aquille Carr remaining the definition of a question mark.

Garland Owens' mixtape courtesy of Capitol Hoops: