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Despite momentous second half, Pirates fall to Washington 84-73 in OT

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Seton Hall looked dead in the water going into halftime despite shooting 7-of-9 from downtown and 48% from the field in the first half.

A miraculous second half fueled by Husky turnover after Husky turnover and clutch three balls from Seton Hall sharpshooters showed Seton Hall fans the true worth of a team that struggled to show a pulse during the first twenty minutes of regulation.

While Seton Hall was outclassed in overtime as Washington outscored the Pirates 13-2, a Seton Hall identity was established in the second half of tonight's game at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. After making crucial halftime adjustments, Seton Hall excelled in shutting down Washington's high-octane attack in tonight's second half. The Pirates' defense resembled what they displayed against their first two opponents: lane-clogging, active defense. This dedication to defending translated into a buffet of transition points from Seton Hall, highlighted by Fuquan Edwin's 27 points off of 24 attempts.

Despite a sixteen-point renaissance in the second half, Seton Hall was stymied in their final five possessions of regulation, allowing Washington to tie the game at 71 after the Pirates had led 66-62 with 4:12 to play.

Going against the grain of all logic and statistical analysis, Washington excelled during overtime in the half-court offense after being exposed in transition in the second half and throttling Seton Hall in a high-tempo first half. Despite the noteworthy negatives, Seton Hall has several significant positives to take away from their first game away from home without a prominent point guard.

More detailed statistical analysis and post-game quotes will follow later tonight and tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!