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Now Available: 10% Off Seton Hall Pirates Home Office Chair by XZipit

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I'm excited to announce an offer exclusively for readers of South Orange Juice, 10% off XZipit's Home Office Chair:


Watch the Seton Hall Pirates from your own customized chair brought to you by XZipit Furnishings from Dreamseat has an Interchangeable Logo Panel System that allows you to zip in and out custom and licensed logos on all XZipit furniture. Officially licensed logo panels include: MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Colleges, Marvel Comics, CFL, Armed Forces, and much more.

Using promo code: pirates you will get 10% off of your total purchase from XZipit, who is also offering free shipping and one free panel with every order. The promotion is good through March, 13th. For those on the fence, I will be posting a review of my personal chair right here on SOJ, Monday evening.