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SOJ Review: Seton Hall Pirates XZipit Home Office Chair

Watch the Seton Hall Pirates from your own customized chair brought to you by XZipit Furnishings from Dreamseat has an Interchangeable Logo Panel System that allows you to zip in and out custom and licensed logos on all XZipit furniture. Officially licensed logo panels include: MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Colleges, Marvel Comics, CFL, Armed Forces, and much more.

Using promo code: pirates you will get 10% off of your total purchase from XZipit, who is also offering free shipping and one free panel with every order. The promotion is good through March, 13th. Follow the jump for the review of my very own, Seton Hall Pirates' XZipit home office chair.



-Super comfortable. I've wrote my game recaps from my couch and dining room table, but once the chair came in, game over. Not only does it sport the Pirate logo, it also provides me with ergonomic back support and for someone with frequent back pain, this is a huge improvement over the prior perches. Not only do my stories read like a million bucks, I feel like a million bucks typing them!

-High grade synthetic leather and padded arms. Yes, "synthetic" leather isn't a con for me, if you've ever sat in a leather office chair in the summer without the coldest of air conditioners, you catch my drift. See what I did there? The synthetic stuff is more breathable than the traditional leather and the padded arms add to it's comfortability factor.


-The high quality stitched Seton Hall logo is the real deal. It's officially licensed by the NCAA and this isn't ironed on, it's stitched to the panel. The panels can also be displayed on either side of the chair or you could display two panels at once.


-The hidden zipper system is also extremely clean. It took me 30 seconds to install my panel and takes just as long to remove it. Once installed the upholstery folds back over the zipper, hiding it from sight. Reminds me the Jordan XIII's and their hidden shoelace system. That's a win for me.


-At first, the only con I was going to list was the price tag. At $350, this thing isn't cheap. Luckily for South Orange Juice readers, you can get 10% off the chair (or another purchase) by using the code: 'pirates' by March 13th. Also consider, the official licensing from the NCAA isn't easy to acquire and you can begin to see why the chair is priced where it is. Not to mention, I haven't seen any other Seton Hall branded furniture other than what's for sale at XZipit/Dreamseat, so the exclusivity of the product makes a tremendous addition to any Pirate fan's home office.

Any questions, ask away in the comments!