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Bubble Watch (Who to Root For): Saturday, March 10th

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It's Selection Sunday Eve and Pirate fans everywhere are still collectively sweating it out. Yesterday, St. Joseph's, UCF, Dayton & Tennessee were knocked out of bubble contention and Miami missed a major opportunity by losing to Florida State. On the flip side, NC State scored a huge win over Virginia, Xavier popped Dayton's bubble, California lost to Colorado and Arizona reached the Pac-12 final. All that good stuff can be found here.

Here is who Seton Hall fans have to root against today. You know the drill.

Marshall (57) vs Memphis (83) C-USA Final - If I were a betting man, I wouldn't put money on Marshall getting an at-large with a loss. Therefore Pirate fans should be rooting for Memphis to keep Marshall from stealing a bid.

North Carolina State (67) vs #4 North Carolina (69) - The Wolfpack will assuredly punch their ticket with a win today. A loss leaves them still sitting squarely on the bubble.

Xavier (71) vs St. Louis (64) - Xavier probably locked up a bid after nipping Dayton last night. A win or very close loss would definitely help their case today.

Ole Miss (53) vs Vanderbilt (65) - The Rebels knocked Tennessee out of at-large contention yesterday. They sit right on the bubble.

Arizona (51) vs Colorado (53) Pac-12 Final- Well, California just had to go ahead and lose to Colorado last night. I'm not a fan of Cal's resume but anything can happen. I don't think it matters who wins this game but to be on the safe side: root for Arizona.