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Seton Hall Commit, Aquille Carr Transfers from Patterson (MD) to St. Patrick's (NJ)

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Update 3/28, 2pm: The Star Ledger is reporting that St. Patrick High School will attempt to stay open at year's end by reclassifying as a private school. The school plans to keep the name, but move to a new, undetermined site in Elizabeth.

Original Story: Aquille Carr raised many eyebrows last week as he announced that he would be transferring to St. Patrick's. Today, it became official as Carr transferred from Patterson (MD) to the basketball powerhouse, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Of course, the move comes as a surprise to many as the school is expected to close at year's end due to poor enrollment and financial struggles.

Why would Carr enroll at St. Pat's if they plan on locking up the doors? Well, the Baltimore Sun reports that Carr made the move to catch up on core classes that will allow him to graduate after his senior season. It gets stranger, Carr proceeded to tell the sun that he plans on returning to Baltimore, next year:

"I'm coming back to the city," Carr said. "I don't know where -- most likely Patterson."

I know Carr is loyal to his city and all, but that just doesn't make very much sense academically or on the court. No matter what the case may be, hopefully the future Pirate gets his academics in order at St. Patrick's so we don't find outselves guessing where he will play in 2013.