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Seton Hall Basketball: DePaul 86, Seton Hall 58; Some Dude Named Jamee Crockett Comes off Bench to Bury Seton Hall's Season

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Ding-dong, the NCAA dream is DEAD.

D-E-A-D. Present me as many ridiculously absurd, unconventional Big East Tournament miracle scenarios that you can think of. Seriously, it will be COMICAL. After an 86-58 loss at DePaul on Saturday evening, the Pirates do not even deserve a berth to the BIG EAST TOURNAMENT. Some dude, a freshman named JAMEE, "the King of the Wild Frontier" Crockett, came off the bench to bury Seton Hall's season and any kind of NCAA tournament hope that remained. Seton Hall allowed Crockett to camp around the perimeter throughout the evening, drilling 5-of-7 three-pointers to finish with 21 points. A freshmen, off the bench and with nothing on the line, outplayed TWO Seton Hall seniors who were playing for an NCAA berth. And it wasn't even close.

Herb Pope (16pts/5reb) had his way inside early on, but for some strange reason, he spent entirely too much time around the perimeter once again. Despite making 2-of-4 from beyond the arc, Pope and Seton Hall had an opportunity to take advantage inside against DePaul's front line, but declined. Another game brought us more missed layups and bunnies from Pope who only finished with 5-rebounds against an undersized team in the biggest game of his life. Unbelievable.

Jordan Theodore (10pts/3ast/5 TURNOVERS), wanted to dance so bad that he could 'smell-taste-hear it,' but he played tight and timid, often having difficulty just handling the basketball. Seriously, he dribbled off his own foot in the open floor. Jordan's mind wasn't in the game in what was also HIS biggest game of his career. Never did I imagine Theodore would fall on his face in a huge spot, but he did.

This loss was absolutely deflating, the Pirates surprisingly overachieved this season and found themselves in a terrific position to beat either Rutgers at home or DePaul on the road to punch their ticket to the NCAA Tournament. A talented team no doubt, and there's no doubt, they failed. Their fate is sealed and they'll be headed to the NIT Tournament for the second time in three years, though I've got absolutely no confidence that they'll make any noise once they get there. It will be interesting to see how many fans show up at the Rock for the NIT; as one caller put it on Hall Line, if the players don't care, why should we? Seton Hall's has at least one game in the Big East Tournament (if SJU beats RU, it'll be DePaul again) and one game in the NIT remaining, if it can get any worse than this, fortunately, there won't be many more games for us to witness it. There will be much more to come on SOJ in the coming days and we kindly remind you to please keep it clean in the comments, folks.