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Bubble Watch (Who to Root For): Friday, March 9th

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  • Saint Joseph's (68) vs. St. Bonaventure (71) - The Hawks needed this game to keep their bubble hopes alive but dropped a close one. They are now NIT bound.
  • NC State (67) vs Virginia (64) - The Wolfpack won a very important game against a solid Virginia squad. They will face UNC in the ACC tournament semifinals. Win that game and they have a very real chance of Dancing.
  • UCF (52) vs Memphis (83) - The Knights need this one or they won't be seriously considered. A win over Memphis would do wonders for their resume.
  • Ole Miss (77) vs Tennessee (72) - Elimination game in the SEC. Loser doesn't have much of a chance.
  • Dayton (69) vs Xavier (70) - Similar to Ole Miss - Tennessee, both teams absolutely need a win here.
  • Oregon State (61) vs Arizona (72) - Must win for the Wildcats. More on them below.
  • Miami (FL) (71) vs #17 Florida State (82) - The 'Canes survived a slow start to fend of Georgia Tech last night. It didn't help their resume but a win tonight definitely would.
  • Colorado State (69) vs #21 San Diego State (79) - I believe that Colorado State is in regardless but a win tonight and they are a lock.
  • Texas (67) vs #5 Missouri (81) - Texas is one of only a few teams that improved their resume yesterday. Another win tonight and their ticket is likely punched.
  • Colorado (70) vs California (59) - Sticky situation out West. Washington and Oregon both lost leaving Cal as the only team with a good chance of receiving an at-large. The best chance of the Pac-12 being a 1-bid league is if California wins the conference tournament.

New teams on the scene: Marshall, Arizona

  • Marshall now has three wins over Top 50 teams after beating Southern Miss in the C-USA tournament today. Combined with some solid RPI/SOS numbers and Marshall might have an outside shot at a bid if they lose a close game in the C-USA final vs UCF/Memphis.
  • I'm not a fan of Arizona's resume but a win tonight and a close loss to California/Colorado in the Pac-12 final gives the Wildcats a small glimmer of hope.
As always, questions and discussion are very welcome in the comment section below.