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Seton Hall Athletics: "30 for 30" Program - prizes & rewards

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Seton Hall's Athletic Department has actively engaged its fan base on a more consistent and substantive basis since the dawn of the Kevin Willard era. I dig that...

This morning I spoke with Associate AD Bryan Felt who gave me detailed information of a new initiative for the month of April which I wanted to pass along to all SOJ readers:

April 1, 2012 marks the beginning of Seton Hall Athletics' "30 for 30" program, which rewards 2012-13 Men's Basketball season ticket holders. To be eligible for the program, there is a $250 non-refundable deposit for 2012-13 season tickets must be received in the Seton Hall ticket office prior to April 30th. Weekly winners will be drawn each Friday morning and posted the official Seton Hall Athletics Facebook Page; final prize drawing will be Tuesday, May 1st. In addition to "30 for 30," there will be exclusive bonus deals offered throughout the month of April, so follow for the latest bonus deals and information.

The "30 for 30" program is open to current and new season ticket holders only. Current season ticket holders should have received the deposit invoice in the mail, and prospective new season ticket holders can contact Richard Bello, Director of Athletic Ticket Sales, to make a deposit or ask any additional questions at (973) 275-2327, or

"30 for 30" Prizes (not listed in any particular order)

1. Foursome at Fiddler's Elbow Country Club
2. Party Suite for Seton Hall's Prudential Center home opener
3. Trip for two on team charter to a TBD destination
4. Trip for two to the Hall of Fame Tip Off at Mohegan Sun
5. Free halftime youth game at the Prudential Center home opener
6. Four courtside tickets to the Prudential Center home opener
7. Free entry to pre-season Beefsteak Dinner
8. Two lower level tickets to SHU's first 2013 BIG EAST Tournament game at MSG
9. Get your Christmas card picture taken with the Pirate at half-court in the Prudential Center
10. Free week of Men's Basketball 2012 Summer Camp and Free week of the Pirate Sports Camp 2012
*camper must be in 6th grade or below
11. Personalized scoreboard message and prize package delivered to your seat by the Pirate at the Prudential Center
12. Honorary ball kid at the Prudential Center for a specified home game
13. Four tickets to the Pirate Blue suite at the Prudential Center for a specified home game
14. Two passes to the Block Vision Courtside Club at the Prudential Center for a specified home game
15. A 2012-13 season parking pass in the VIP Parking Deck
16. A 2012-13 autographed team basketball and picture with the players
17. VIP table at the Meet the Team Event, including guaranteed first in line for player autographs
18. Bring a Pirate to School or Work Day! Access to the Pirate mascot to accompany you to school or work during a designated time
19. Lunch and film session with the 2012-13 Men's Basketball team
20. Individual hour workout/training session with a member of the Men's Basketball coaching staff in Walsh Gym, followed by an all-access pass to a specific practice
*winner must be non-prospect age
21. Honorary media member for a home game at the Prudential Center. Take photos of the game, write a fan blog entry, and attend the post-game press conference
22. Play a round of golf with members of the Athletic Department on a specified day and course
23. Control the t-shirt gun in the t-shirt toss timeout at the Prudential Center
24. Free high five line at the Prudential Center home opener
25. Announce the starting line-ups at the Prudential Center for a specific game
26. Attend the post-game press conference
27. Courtside access for shoot around prior to Prudential Center doors opening

28. Free limo transportation to and from the Prudential Center for a specific game
29. Have the Pirate attend your Birthday Party or function for FREE
30. Play a video game on the Prudential Center big screen during halftime of a specific game

Following the theme of Seton Hall Athletics' "30 for 30," the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund is having its first ever Pirate Blue Donor Matching Day on Monday, April 30th. ANY donation made to Pirate Blue on April 30th will be generously matched at 30% by Country Club Services.

If you make a donation of $30 or more on Pirate Blue Donor Matching Day, you will be entered into a raffle for one free season ticket voucher for the 2012-13 season. All donations must be made online at on April 30th to be eligible for the raffle. The winner will be announced on the official Seton Hall Athletics Facebook Page and Pirate Blue's website on Tuesday, May 1st. This promotion is open to EVERYONE.