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Seton Hall Basketball: 2011-12 Attendance Figure Rises, Ranking Drops

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Damn you Walsh Gym for skewing our attendance figures!
<em>(Tim Farrell/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE)</em>
Damn you Walsh Gym for skewing our attendance figures! (Tim Farrell/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE)

The NCAA released the official attendance figures for the 2011-12 season yesterday.

Seton Hall ranked 76th in the country with an average attendance of 6,941, both figures are down from last campaign (62nd & 7,937, respectively.) However, more total Pirate fans took in games at the Rock (and Walsh Gym) this season (124,935) than last (119,060). For all you non-math majors out there, its obvious that more games were played at home this season (18) than last (15) -- the NIT helped here (sort of, see: average attendance.)

Compared to the rest of the Big East, which ranked 4th in average conference attendance, Seton Hall placed 14th -- four spots lower than their ten-spot ranking for the 2010-11 season -- only two schools were watched less than Seton Hall: Rutgers (15th) and South Florida (16th.) Like last season, Syracuse led the conference in attendance, averaging 23,618 attendees per game.

By now, you're probably wondering how and why Seton Hall's attendance figures dropped so sharply. Well, the NIT is the answer. The official attendance numbers for the two NIT games played at Walsh were 1,674 -- both sellouts. If the total attendance from the NIT games (3348) is subtracted from the total season attendance (124,935) and divided by the modified total home game amount (16) a new average attendance number is born: 7,599.

With this new average attendance figure, Seton Hall ranks 71st in the country, but still 14th in the Big East and still 338 less than last season, despite more wins and an arguably more appealing home non-conference line-up.

For the NCAA's breakdown of the attendance figures, click here.

Around the Country:

  • Creighton shattered last season's title of Highest Ranked Mid-Major by finishing 6th (16,665/g) compared to 22nd (13,507/g.)
  • Walk of Shame - Colgate (545), NJIT (461) and Chicago State (429) finished in the basement of college basketball attendance. Colgate grads were busy making six figures and/or producing toothpaste, but the other two schools have no excuses.
  • On average, 31 less people attended college basketball games this season compared to last.