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Seton Hall Basketball: Five Questions (in Five Days) Facing the 2012 Pirates

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I finally managed to get the dreadful taste of UMASS-defeat out of my mouth, and I'm happy to say that I'm back on the grid again and ready to talk Seton Hall Basketball. As with most teams during the off-season, a cacophony of questions will be raised and debated, and as such, I have generated my own list. In an effort to not inundate you fine people, I whittled my catalogue of questions down to five of what I believe to be the most critical issues facing the 2012 Pirates. I will post one question each morning this coming week (beginning Monday and concluding Friday) and will attempt to answer said questions.

In accordance with what Bill Shakespeare once said, "I am not bound to please thee with my answer", I am quite certain we will have some differing views, but as always, your thoughts and comments are most welcome.

Have a great weekend, Pirate Nation. See you back here Monday morning.