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Seton Hall Basketball: 5 Questions in 5 Days #1: Who will be the Starting Point Guard?

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This appears to be the most glaring dilemma facing the Pirates as they head into the 2012 - 2013 season. While there are a few capable back-up point guards on the roster, the most important position (on any basketball team) is currently the most tenuous for Seton Hall. Jordan Theodore has been the cornerstone of this team for the past three years and there is just no two ways about it, his absence will be felt.

On April 19th, former Texas point guard Sterling Gibbs committed to Seton Hall and his signing was, by all accounts, a coup for the Pirates. In fact, the magnitude of signing the younger brother of NBA hopeful and former Pitt standout Ashton Gibbs could be upgraded from great to exceptional if he is granted a hardship waiver from the NCAA. If Gibbs' appeal is granted, he would be cleared to play immediately and this question would then be moot.

Seton Hall has already submitted the waiver application for Gibbs, but a decision is not imminently expected. Certainly there are a myriad of variables that the NCAA will review; for example, the good: Gibbs returned home to New Jersey where his family lives and where he went to high school (Seton Hall Prep., where he is the all-time leading scorer). However, the bad: he was buried on a deep Texas bench and only played 7.5 minutes per game which certainly could have prompted him to transfer – at least in the eyes of the committee. I've been told that there is a "family issue" but I'm unclear what type of impact this will have on the review committee. Simply put, if Gibbs is able to play next season, the Pirates could be a formidable team; if he is denied the waiver, it could be a long winter for the Blue and White.

Other Candidates:

Sophomore Freddie Wilson has shown that he can be a suitable back-up point guard, but I believe any argument suggesting he can be a starting PG in the BIG EAST next year is inherently flawed. That said, my previous (and blunt) statement should not be misconstrued as being dismissive of Wilson, as I do believe he can play an important roll on Kevin Willard’s team over the next three years. I've simply seen zero evidence in favor of his ability to be a starting point guard in this grueling conference.

Little is known about freshman point guard Tom Maayan, who is coming off of a serious ACL injury. I’ve been told he is recovering quite well, but finding credible analysis on this kid is more convoluted than finding a connecting flight in an Italian airport. At best, Maayan is a wild card next year and it would be unfair to expect he would be an impact player, especially running a Big East team's offence as a freshman. We've seen good international players like Patrik Auda and Haralds Karlis struggle to get acclimated to the American style of play, and they haven't been charged with the task of playing the point, so I'm being prudent and setting the bar low for Maayan.

Looking Forward:

Finally, I can’t pose the above question without at least referencing the (5’6) 800lb gorilla in the room, Aquille Carr. While this question doesn’t apply to him given that he is just now concluding his junior year of high school, he has been dubbed, by many, as the point guard of the future for Seton Hall. Much has been speculated about Carr’s ability to ultimately become eligible for the Pirates, and his bizarre 10-day stint at St. Patrick’s High School, NJ certainly doesn’t pacify a fan’s anxiety. My expectation (hope) is that along with Carr’s current coaches and teachers, Kevin Willard and his staff will continue to help guide this young man in an effort to ensure he is ready to compete in the fall of 2013 for the Pirates while reducing the crime rate in Newark taboot.

As I See It:

Until then (or the Gibbs hardship waiver decision), this question remains more unsettling than a drunken Mel Gibson tirade. Gun to my head, I'd have to say that given the current Seton Hall roster on May 21, 2012, Freddie Wilson is our starting point guard (followed by an asterisks and a "To Be Continued..." sign).