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Seton Hall Basketball: 5 Questions in 5 Days #2: With Jordan Theodore Gone, Who Will Provide Leadership?

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Will Fuquan Edwin emerge as Seton Hall's new leader? Mandatory Credit: Tim Farrell/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE
Will Fuquan Edwin emerge as Seton Hall's new leader? Mandatory Credit: Tim Farrell/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Jordan Theodore deliberately deprived himself of oxygen just so he could literally bleed-blue. Physiologically, of course, this seems unlikely due to oxidation and other such things I know nothing of, but I believe this is appropriately analogous to how passionate the General has been about his school. Ask yourself, "Can I name a former Pirate who has been more vocal and overtly passionate about his love of Seton Hall?" Scroll through his Twitter feed @JordanTheodore for further insight and examples. Sadly, Theodore can’t be signed to a contract extension, so Kevin Willard will need to find his team's leader elsewhere; but where?


As the elder statesmen of the team, Fuquan Edwin appears to be a likely candidate for the vacant position of team leader. The soft spoken junior is known to show his demonstrable basketball prowess on the court rather than yapping about it. Fu is less of a "rah-rah" guy and more of a, "I just picked your pocket, again; smile, you’ve just been ninjaed" guy, so leading by example seems more of a likely roll as opposed to the outspoken Theodore (who led by example too, of course). As an aside, upon first meeting Fu, directly after the Pirates beat Alabama in St. Thomas (USVI) for the 2010 tournament, the mild mannered kid clearly didn’t know what to make of the idiot in front of him (me) who was strangely interested in the athletic freshman’s statistics. He really is a very quiet and humble young man on and off the court.

Brian Oliver appears to be another viable candidate to help galvanize this group of players. However, he’s played exactly one second less than one second as a Pirate, so it may take some time for on-court leadership to develop. I’ve heard he is one of the more outspoken guys around the team and will certainly be one of the top scoring options as well. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see him emerge as a leader, especially as the season rolls along.

Aaron Cosby is a dark horse for this leadership roll. The sharp shooting sophomore started 31 of 34 games and averaged a robust 30 minutes per game on the hardwood while shooting a team high 38% from beyond the arc. This tremendous experiential learning should translate into a keen understanding for what it takes to win. He was also the beneficiary of being under the direct tutelage of a true leader in Jordan Theodore. Cosby has also tasted what it means to be an integral part of playing in a hostile environment; see at Rutgers last year when he drilled a 3-point basket with 42 seconds remaining to help lift the Pirates who were previously mired in a 5 game skid.

As I see it:

When the 2011 season concluded, Fuquan Edwin voiced that he is ready to become the leader of this team and I'm certainly not going to doubt him. I believe we will see Fu emerge as the teams leader for the next two years. Without question, Edwin's reserved and quiet intensity is in sharp contrast to the previous leadership of Theodore, but that doesn't mean that leadership in this regard can't be equally as effective. When players get after it defensively, their team tends to get a big lift, and coming from the man who lead the nation in steals last year, that is certainly a good jumping off point.