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Aquille Carr May Avoid Charges, Lacing Up At The Hall In Question

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Alan Maglaque-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Seton Hall's lone 2013 commit will avoid domestic assault charges if he is able to complete a 22-week program with the House of Ruth, a domestic violence center. The Baltimore Sun learned of this development early yesterday, citing Aquille's attorney, Ivan J. Bates, as a source.

It is important to note that the charges have not been dropped yet, nor has the program been completed -- some media outlets with clout can't seem to grasp this concept. The entire situation hinges upon the ability of Carr to complete the 22-week period of weekly sessions which approximately last ninety minutes. If Carr fails to complete this seemingly arduous program, the prosecution has the option of reinstating the charges.

To me, a few things are now appearing much more clearly.

First, Carr is not coming off as innocent of domestic assault. If he were innocent, I fail to see how the prosecution has the leverage to force such a program upon a defendant without some proof of harm -- there would just be baseless accusations. The charges would be thrown out and the judge would lecture both Carr and Treshonda Williams (alleged victim) about getting along and that would be it. I can be completely wrong here, but I don't see how -- I'm open to suggestions.

Second, Aquille Carr will not be a Seton Hall Pirate. Anything short of the charges being dropped cleanly is not a good outcome for Seton Hall on the publicity front and the logistical front. There have already been enough national articles about a "Seton Hall commit" being arrested for assault. Furthermore, the writing is on the recruiting wall as far as the Class of 2013 goes. The staff is going after Reggie Cameron, Tyler Roberson and Austin Colbert very hard, making it clear to me that Carr is becoming a non-factor. Lastly, the reason why Carr was unlikely to become a Pirate prior to his arrest was poor academics. How is commuting to the House of Ruth for ninety minutes a week going to help him with his studies? Answer: it won't.

The prior two paragraphs are just my opinion and appear to be the growing opinion of quite a few Pirate fans. Some have related Aquille Carr's actions to the Bobby Gonzalez era and have pleaded that Kevin Willard move on to greener pastures. Others think the staff and fans should give Carr a second chance to bring Seton Hall to the promised land. Whatever the case may be, we might get a definitive conclusion to the Aquille Carr saga as the early signing period (November 14th - 21st) approaches and passes. If Carr signs, which I find unlikely, I have some crow to eat. If he doesn't, expect Raymon Austin Part Deux.