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Former Pirate Herb Pope charged with simple assault


According to Pittsburgh's CBS affiliate KDKA, former Seton Hall forward Herb Pope was arrested last night after pulling a gun on a bar owner. The incident allegedly happened at the Colonial Grill in Ambridge, located just a few miles from Pope's hometown of Aliquippa, Pa.

The arrest comes just five months after Herb Pope signed with Bnei Hasharon Herzliya of Israel's ISBL. Interestingly enough, Pope has not played for the club in nearly a month. Last suiting up on December 3rd, Pope has missed Bnei Hasharon's last four games, including one on December 30th -- it's unclear whether Pope is injured or has left the team. Herb is averaging 9.6PPG and 5.3RPG in 19.6MPG.

Run-ins with the law are unfortunately nothing new to Herb Pope, who was arrested on a DUI charge when at New Mexico State and nearly killed by a salvo of bullets when he was in high school. In a more serious but legally void matter, Herb was nearly killed again two years ago, this time by his own heart.

This is certainly another unfortunate and sad twist to the Herb Pope story.

Update (1/2/13, 10:00AM):

Pope was charged with simple assault through menace as well as public intoxication since he had a permit for the gun. Police are now working to revoke that permit.

Herb basically flashed the gun to the bar owner after his friend wasn't allowed in, the owner called the cops and Pope ran right into several cops in an alley by chance.