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JP's Reaction: Georgetown 74, SHU 52

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Pirates make mistakes that snowball into low point of the season.

While many fans may want to do this, there's nothing you can really do about Wednesday night's game.
While many fans may want to do this, there's nothing you can really do about Wednesday night's game.
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I had to watch this game on replay instead of live because the site I use to watch pretty much all the games I watch was being stupid (I do not have cable at my house).

That was probably for the best. If I had watched this one live, I would probably owe my parents at the very least a new chair.

That being said, I really can't muster up 5 different things to complain about, so I'll just go with this one, which was suggested by a friend and former roommate of mine at the Hall:

Just throw this game in the trash, and forget about it.

This was the wrong opponent, in the wrong place, at the wrong time for the Pirates. Georgetown has legitimately righted their ship after starting 0-2 in Big East play, while the Pirates haven't gotten a solid footing yet for more than one game.

Combine that with the history (Seton Hall has won at Georgetown exactly 3 times in the last 35 years), and what you get was what you saw on Wednesday.

I'm not going to sugar-coat things- it was bad. At times, embarrassingly bad. The losing is getting to the Pirates, and you could see it in their play tonight.

They made early miscues that Georgetown capitalized on, putting themselves in a big hole. They were able to keep things respectable thanks to the fact that the Hoyas were not playing mistake-free basketball on their end either, and despite 14 turnovers were only down 10 at the break.

Then, things escalated even more on the mistake front, and Georgetown's defense, which has been the chief reason they have been playing well lately, got into the Pirates' heads. They started to get frustrated, which led to over-aggressive play, which turned into fouls.

From there, the combination of foul trouble, frustrated players, and the Hoyas' play (which was very good anyway) snowballed into what has been the unquestioned lowest point of the season so far.

Everyone on every platform it seems has used this game (and probably the recent stretch into it) as yet another reason to come after Kevin Willard like bulldogs to a piece of raw brisket for various reasons, namely recruiting ("WE DON'T HAVE ANY POINT GUARDS RAWR RAWR RAWR"). Is there some truth to it? Of course.

But if Willard listened to fan reaction, there's no doubt he'd be a miserable person. Fans have a right to react how they will. Willard's job is to look at the larger picture, and what the larger picture says tonight is that it was not the Pirates' night in any way, shape or form. You can tell that the coaching staff knew that, because in the middle of the second half, the best motivational speaker in the world wouldn't pull the Pirates out of their mental and physical rut, and the looks on the faces of everyone involved told the story.

All the team can do is get some more practice time in, and get ready for Cincinnati.

The one thing I will semi-complain about is this, however:

The Pirates' frustration with their own offensive play dictated their defensive effort way too often, and that just cannot happen. Georgetown may still have made the passes and the plays they made tonight anyway (that's just what type of roll they are on), but when guys don't have their arms extended, their hands active, in the zone defense the Pirates usually play, and Hoya walk-ons are doing things against them, something isn't in the right place internally.

In short, the message is to keep your heads up. Remember that the expectations for this team in this particular year were not very high, and that there has been a ton of adversity to deal with this year, especially on the injury front.

Take a deep breath, move on from this game. It's really all you can do.