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Quotes & Notes: Georgetown vs. Seton Hall, January 30th, 2013

"They're just not grasping it. Unless you've gone through this league and kind of understand it (it's hard)." ~ Kevin Willard

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We thought it would be nice if we brought a new post-game series into the mix. Quotes & Notes will contain various quotes from Kevin Willard and the players as well as several important statistics about the game and the team.

Quotes from Kevin Willard's post-game press conference, compliments of the NJ Star-Ledger; Willard made the players unavailable to the media last night:

"They're just not grasping it. Unless you've gone through this league and kind of understand it (it's hard). We have four teams that play zone, four teams that play really tough man-to-man, four teams that play no defense. We have some teams that play half-zone, half-man. Playing Sunday and only having two days to get ready for Georgetown is a tough task for a young team. I was worried about that."

"This is more of a growing experience, I think, for these guys. I hate to use word youth as an excuse — it's not an excuse — but I think that we have a lot of guys that are unfortunately trying to figure it out for the first time. And they're having a hard time doing it."

Quotes from Kevin Willard's post-game interview with Gary Cohen and Dave Popkin of WMTR 1250AM, courtesy of Jerry Carino of NJ Hoops Haven:

On the 25 turnovers: "You can’t do that against this team. They’re good defensively. Turn it over 25 times and you’re going to be in for a long night. Playing a team that doesn’t play good defense to a team that does play defense, sometimes it’s tough for guys to adjust mentally."

"They’re a tough team to play our zone against because they space you out so well. You’re going to give up some backdoors every night them. But 25 turnovers, no matter what you think, it’ll go back to that number."

On Gene Teague: "He’s our low-post threat. That’s something we’ve been going to a lot. Teams have adjusted so we have to adjust; that’s something he has to adjust to. He’s not understanding that each team in the league is so different—you’re going to see some different looks. The first time you go through it is probably a little bit of a haze."

On Kevin Johnson: "Big Kev did well. He had a little bit of the flu the last couple of days, been battling that. (Kyle) Smyth has been in the hospital for the last two days. He said, ‘I can play.’ He’s really white as it is, but he looks like Casper the Ghost today. I’m happy with Kevin. He’s a young guy who’s taking his time, growing up, doing good things and doing bad things. He’s the least of our worries."

On Fuquan Edwin: "He’s in a little bit of a funk offensively. His shots aren’t good ones right now. That’s a little bit of our fault and a little bit of his fault. With the numbers he produced early in the season, you’re going to get extra attention."

On Brandon Mobley: "When something happens and he gets bumped the wrong way, he gets a little bit chippy. It’s hard for him right now but he’s battling."

Various post-game Georgetown quotes:

Georgetown head coach John Thompson III on turning Seton Hall over 24 times: "That just happened ... I wanted to stay in our press probably a little longer than we had in our last couple of games. But I can't sit here and say that I looked at the tape and said, 'Oh, we're going to turn them over like that.' But our guys did a good job of making that happen."

John Thompson III on dealing with Seton Hall’s Gene Teague: "I thought our guys, our post players, did a pretty good job of making it hard for him to catch the ball. He's tough when he gets it. I said this to you guys at media day the other day -- I think he's one of the better offensive post players in our league, so we wanted to make it hard for him to get the ball. They also put four shooters out there, so if you crowd him too much, they snap it back out. So I thought our guys did a good job of crowding him when he got it, but then closing out hard, which you have to do against them."

"As long as we remain consistent with our defense, we’ll be totally fine. Our offense comes from our defense. That’s the way it has to be for 40 minutes." – Nate Lubick

"He’s playing terrific right now — making reads on defenders, making great passes, also rebounding so we can start the break, taking charges. He’s doing everything right now."Otto Porter on Nate Lubick

Interesting Stats & Notes:

  • Georgetown walk-on and Seton Hall Prep (N.J.) graduate John Caprio had more points (3) at the half than three Seton Hall starters combined. Caprio finished the game with four points.
  • Seton Hall's offensive turnover percentage fell from 305th to 319th in the country after turning the ball over 24 times last night. Only three high-major programs have a worse TO% than Seton Hall: Georgia, Mississippi State and South Carolina.
  • Freshman point guard Tom Maayan has the highest turnover rate (52.9%) of any eligible (minimum of 40% minutes played) Big East player since at least 2005. The last Big East player to even come close was South Florida's Chris Capko in 2006 (49.1%).
  • The Pirates dropped from 99 to 104 in the KenPom ratings after last night's loss. That is the lowest rating in the Kevin Willard era.
  • Seton Hall committed 8 fouls before the first TV timeout (under-16 minutes) of last night's second half. Georgetown was in the bonus just 3:40 into the half.