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Quotes & Notes: Oklahoma axes unsure Seton Hall with last minute surge

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

It may be best that we leave emotion out of this. Seton Hall played fairly well last night before folding in the final minute to Oklahoma in Brooklyn. Patrik Auda re-injured the same right foot that he broke last season, and could be out from a month to the rest of the season.

Post-game quotes from Kevin Willard:

On Patrik Auda re-injuring the right foot that he broke last season, taken from Jerry Carino's game recap: "He got shoved when he was driving, planted funny, slipped a little bit, had the same feeling he had last year. He played one more possession and I saw the look on his face. The good thing is the bone didn't re-break, but there's nothing good for us right now with that."

Willard said Auda will undergo tests over the next day or two to see "if he bent the screw that was (put) in there last year. If he bent it, then it's obviously a major issue. If he didn't bend it, then it's probably, maybe a month, maybe more, just depending on what he did."

On the loss: "Unfortunate, but I'm really proud of these guys. They battled and did some really good things out there. Got to give Oklahoma credit, the last 45 seconds they did a good job of creating turnovers. We got a little out of whack and didn't take care of the ball."

Learning from the loss: "We have to go back and watch the last two minutes. We did some things the last two minutes that gave them a little bit of momentum going down the stretch. We had the ball up 7, we took a layup...and that got them started. We have to do a little better on clock management. But again, I'm not going to look (only) at the last two minutes. I'm going to look at the other 38. I thought the guys played really well. I'm consistently impressed with the players stepping up from last year. This will be a tough one to swallow, but we'll bounce back tomorrow."

Quotes from the Seton Hall players:

Sterling Gibbs: "They're a good trapping team, and we got a little flustered in that last couple of seconds. At this point we can't really do anything about it. We've got to move on."

Oklahoma head coach Lon Kruger on the final minute, taken from Brendan Prunty's game recap: "At that point, it's kind of risk everything to get a steal, We couldn't let the clock go. Just got a couple of deflections there, a good bounce or two. Nothing that you'd like to do a steady diet of in finishing a ball game. But it's a crazy game and sometimes it works out like that."


Interesting stats & notes:

Going to change this up slightly since I was in attendance last night.

Michigan State had by far the most fans in Brooklyn last night. Seton Hall, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma were about equal, but Seton Hall would have had the second most fans if I had the final 35 seconds of last night's game to the side of my head and had to choose.

The Barclays Center opted not to show any individual player stats on the big screen last night, making it a bit more difficult to watch the game technically. I believe they had stats posted when Seton Hall played Long Island last year.

Seton Hall played a sound statistical game last night. Free throws, 3-point shooting, and assists can't be nitpicked. The only real blemish was a drop in rebounding ability after Auda was sidelined last night. Brandon Mobley and Aaron Geramipoor are downgrades from Auda in that respect, but both players now have a huge opportunity directly in front of them.

Hey, a bright spot: Sterling Gibbs is now the national leader in free throw rate, by a decent margin (218, 2nd best FT rate is 170). Sterling is 3rd in fouls drawn per 40 mins with 11.8.

While it is fun to ridicule the new NCAA rule changes (or implementation, whatever is politically correct), Seton Hall is benefiting. They have scored 33.6% of their total points from the line, 7th most in the country.