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Patrik Auda sidelined until late December

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"Our game plan now is to shut him down for a month." - Kevin Willard
"Our game plan now is to shut him down for a month." - Kevin Willard

The worst-case scenarios, a bent screw and/or broken bone,  for Patrik Auda's re-injured right foot were avoided after a 3 p.m. scan from a doctor on Monday afternoon. However, the Czech face-up forward will be out until after Christmas, missing 6-7 non-conference games in the process. The redshirt junior played in just the first five games of last season before breaking the 5th metatarsal in his right foot.

Quotes on Auda's injury from Kevin Willard, taken from NJ Hoops Haven: "In a nutshell, he didn't do anything major to the screw or re-break the bone. What he did was aggravate the area that got repaired. In essence he kind of planted wrong. It's good that he didn't break it; if he broke it, that would have been the season. He just aggravated it; the X-rays look the same as the X-rays he took in June and July."

"This is the same problem he had when he went home in May. When he went home he aggravated it. We put him in a boot and shut him down for another month-and-a-half. Our game plan now is to shut him down for a month. It's not that it needs to heal more. The last time it happened and we shut him down, he went three more months without aggravating it. So we're hoping that would mean (this time) he can finish the season."

Patrik Auda scored a career-high 27-points (6-7 fg, 9-9 ft, 10 rebounds, 22 minutes) against Monmouth in the game prior to re-injuring his foot. The most recent injury was sustained days after the 1-year mark from Auda's first right foot ailment.

Seton Hall is off until they take on Fairleigh Dickinson at 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Look for a FDU preview Friday afternoon.