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Seton Hall loses to St. Peter's 83-80 in OT, but Suffers Far Greater Losses

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Al Bello

The post Tom Maayan era has not been good to Seton Hall so far, as the Pirates lose to St. Peters 83-80 in Overtime. Sadly, Seton Hall experienced (in all likelihood) a far greater loss on the day, as Sterling Gibbs went down, hard, with a knee injury.

Seton Hall continued the time honored tradition of catastrophic team injuries, as Aaron Gerimipoor left the game with a rolled ankle roughly have-way through the first stanza. The big fella came down awkwardly on his right foot and fell to the ground, instantly grabbing his right ankle in considerable pain. He'll be out 2-3 weeks, per Kevin Willard's post-game press conference. Bordering on the absurd, Seton Hall finished the rest of the game with just six scholarship players, as Sterling Gibbs (who was mired in a four foul performance) seemed to traumatically injure his knee. Walk-on Travis Berry checked in to the game, three times, in the first half (even prior to Gibbs' injury). That should provide a colorful picture of the state of affairs in South Orange right now, as the Pirates move to 7-4 (and, yes, have now lost to both Fairleigh Dickinson AND St. Peter's… in the same season).

After the game, Kevin Willard said, "Sterling Gibbs didn't practice the last two days with the flu and then he goes out and gives his best effort. We'll know more tomorrow after he gets his MRI, but it doesn't look good." Losing to St. Peter's is awful, yes, but losing Gibbs for the season (which, sadly, seems entirely possible) would be crippling. Imagine this team, for a moment, without Fuquan Edwin, Patrik Auda, Sterling Gibbs, Aaron Geramipoor (and of course Tom Maayan is gone for good). Well, those are your Seton Hall Pirates as of December 14th, 2013.

It's difficult bringing myself to write about considerable content of this game after seeing both the AG and Gibbs injuries up close, plus, watching most of the game (especially the first half) felt like the equivalent of trying to gargle peanut butter: no progress. That said, St. Peter's Desi Washington was nothing short of spectacular, with 34 points and the game winning three-pointer with roughly three ticks left on the overtime clock; have to tip your cap to the young man. Brian Oliver stepped up for Seton Hall and netted a game high 26 points to go along with 10 rebounds and of course, hit a deep three ball to send the game into extra time. Oliver's defensive effort was also tremendous; it's good to see the senior step up, especially in the absence of Fuquan. It's hard to overstate Oliver's importance to this team moving forward.

Next up for the Pirates, the Eastern Washington Eagles (4-3, RPI: 74 / SOS: 54). Much more later with Chris' notes and quotes.

Our best to both Sterling Gibbs and Aaron Geramipoor.