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Seton Hall's Gene Teague stretchered off after hard fall

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The latest edition in a long line of Seton Hall injuries over the past two seasons was certainly the scariest. With 14:42 remaining in the second half of a Seton Hall domination of Lafayette, Gene Teague fell to the ground in a heap after his legs were taken out from under him on a contested lay-up attempt. Fuquan Edwin drove into the paint and dished to Teague on the baseline, who then went up hard to the rim. On Edwin's drive, Lafayette's Dan Trist attempted to take a charge and fell backward into Teague's feet, knocking them from under the powering center as he was contested on a close-range shot.

On a gruesome replay, it was shown that Teague's left hand slipped while making contact with the court and therefore was not able to prevent his fall. All of Teague's 6-foot-9 270-pound frame came down on his left shoulder and the side of his head/face.

"It was scary, he hit the floor hard and he was knocked out, he really was," Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard told Gary Cohen and Dave Popkin of AM 570 WMCA after the game. "For about the first five minutes, he was almost in like a seizure. Then he came through and started to move his arms and move his legs, thats the first thing you really worry about, but he had no idea where he was. Right now, its a concussion probably.

"Luckily, he was talking to me for the last 10 minutes of that ordeal, he know who I was, he knew his surroundings. He didn't know what game we were in or anything like that. He was moving his legs, he had no pain in his back, no pain in his neck. He usually wins when he hits the floor, but this time the floor won.

"That's what he [Teague] was a little mad about, I love the kid... He was saying ‘I'm fine, I'm fine, I don't wanna be strapped in' and he just couldn't understand [the situation]."

After a fifteen minute stoppage which saw medical staff, Kevin Willard, and EMTs tend to Gene Teague as he lay under the basket, he was immobilized, given an oxygen mask, and taken off of the Walsh Gym court on a stretcher. Walsh was brought to a church-like hush, with Brandon Mobley seen in tears and a towel over his head while Patrik Auda was left visibly shaken.

Gene Teague was seen making movements with his hands and feet while being taken off and it was soon after it was announced that there was no damage done to his neck.

This seems to narrow Gene's injury down to a concussion and/or a left shoulder injury. For now, lets keep Gene in our thoughts and prayers.

Dan Trist makes contact:
 photo teague11_zps0e52a08d.jpgRight before Gene Teague makes contact with the floor: photo teague1_zps11e34344.jpg