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Seton Hall players visit St. Barnabas Children's Hospital

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Kyle Smyth

Forget the 13-12 record, the six-game losing streak, the pain of several injuries to key players and the recent loss to Rutgers. None of that really matters too much in the long run. What does matter is how the Seton Hall team visited the St. Barnabas Children's Hospital in Newark today.

These are kids that were born or put into some incredibly unfortunate circumstances, so to them, a visit from the team probably made their day, week or perhaps even their year. I'm a strong believer in using sports as means to an end of producing an improved community and better people as a result of it. Nothing is more satisfying than using athletic ability as a tool for completing virtuous tasks. A good deed always trumps an All Star Game appearance, breaking a record or even winning a championship.

So with all that philosophical stuff already said, lets congratulate the team on winning a hell of a lot more than a basketball game today.