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25-1 run powers Marquette past Seton Hall, 67-46

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The game was close. Seton Hall battled. They looked stout on defense, withstood a late first half run by Marquette and scored a few baskets to start the second half. Tonight wasn't a typical 2012-13 Seton Hall basketball game for 22 minutes. Until it was, and then some. With no help from a sparse Prudential Center crowd, No. 17 Marquette woke up early in the second half and made quick work of Seton Hall, cruising to a 67-46 win.

The drought was always coming, it was just a matter of when. After a sequence of possessions that included several open court football tackles and a Marquette tip-jam, the Golden Eagles powered up as the Pirates simultaneously switched off. Going into the second half's under-16 TV timeout, Seton Hall was facing a 7-point deficit, an 8-0 Marquette run and a pending technical foul on Kevin Willard. Clear as day, the next several possessions would decide the basketball game.

They did, definitively. In the two critical Pirate possessions coming out of the under-16 timeout, a Tom Maayan charge and Gene Teague turnover sandwiched a Golden Eagle made basket. Marquette piled onto their 7-0 run with another 10 points until Gene Teague finally hit a free throw.

But it wasn't over, the rout was just beginning.

The Golden Eagles scored another 8 points prior to Fuquan Edwin scoring Seton Hall's first basket in 9:26 of play. Marquette set themselves up with a 20-point lead with 8 minutes to play and a 21-point swing (25-4 run) in their wake. "I think the effect of all the injuries demoralized this team to where a 25-1 run happens, we don't have any fight in us," conceded Kevin Willard. The rest of the game, as Ken Pomeroy puts it, was low leverage basketball.

For Marquette, they were able to sleepwalk through 22 minutes of basketball and steamroll their opposition 35-13 over the remaining 17:50. The win propels Marquette into first place in the Big East, for now.

As for Seton Hall, there is no good place to start. Perhaps tonight isn't as bad as it seems. With only a sprinkling of fans attending tonight and a large majority nursing headaches after trying to find MSG2 on their TVs, how many Pirate fans actually watched tonight's game? Equally important, how many prospective recruits watched tonight's game from home? Quadri Moore probably didn't.

So if no one saw the game, it didn't happen... Right?