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Quotes & Notes: Louisville vs. Seton Hall, February 23rd, 2013

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Not much to say about this game. It's the same story: Seton Hall plays hard, eventually gets overpowered, loses by 15-25 points, repeat.

None of the local beat writers covered the game so we are a little scarce quote-wise (I wasn't available for Kevin Willard's post-game radio interview) but here is what I managed to round up:

Gene Teague: "Their pressure bothered us. We don't have near the numbers they have. I feel like we have a good team, we just have to keep working."

Kevin Willard: "I was really proud of the way we played. I thought we battled and did some really good things offensively early in the game. I thought we did a great job passing the ball. Our issue right now is we get a little worn down and we can't stop the momentum. But again I was really happy with the way these guys played.

Eugene played great. He's been really consistent all year. He's had some tough games where he's had to deal with double teams. And AC [Aaron Cosby] is from Louisville so it was good to see him play well, too.

We only have seven guys healthy right now. When you're in this league playing with seven guys, you're going to struggle. I'm really happy with the way our guys are fighting through it. We're trying to find ways, but it's tough for us right now."

Here is a link to a portion of Rick Pitino's post-game press conference. There are also player interviews on Jody Demling's YouTube channel.

Interesting Stats & Notes:

  • Going into the Villanova game on Monday, Seton Hall will be without a win in over 32 days. Hungry? Starving.
  • Aaron Cosby (Louisville, Ky.) scored a team-high 17 points against Louisville. Home town kid.
  • Gorgui Dieng scored 23 points on 10-11 shooting, had 8 rebounds and 3 blocks. Monster.
  • Seton Hall turned the ball over 19 times after turning it over a combined 20 times against Syracuse and Marquette. Old habits.
  • The Pirates are a lock to play on the opening day of the Big East Tournament. Cannon fodder.