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Aquille Carr still considering professional ball

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According to the Baltimore Sun, Seton Hall commit Aquille Carr has not ruled out the possibility of playing professionally overseas instead of attending college in the fall. Carr, who pledged to Seton Hall last January, has maintained his commitment to the Pirates through an avalanche of rumors about his academics.

"Seton Hall is still my choice right now, but I'm thinking about a lot more stuff that I could advance to. I think I'm ready to make it like my job. If you know about basketball, you know what that means. By the end of the season, everybody will find out," Carr told Childs Walker of the Baltimore Sun.

Carr, a consensus Top-75 player in the Class of 2013, started to attract rumors of having sub-standard grades early last year and caught the attention of many when he chose not to sign a National Letter of Intent with Seton Hall in November.

I asked a lot of questions three months ago about why Aquille decided not to sign with the Pirates -- there was a lot of smoke then. I believe I'm starting to see the flames.